Grenada High School shares update about Trespassing Concerns
Grenada High School shares update about Trespassing Concerns || Picture Courtesy: Grenada High School (Facebook)
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St George’s, Grenada: Grenada High School has shared an update regarding the ‘Trespassing Concerns’. The concern was raised on July 12, 2023. As per the update shared by the school, plenty of Grenada High School students have elected to return to school this summer — if only to hang out and see their friends.

It added that Campus Police Chief Benji Britt said students have been hanging around the high school parking lots in increasing numbers this summer, and he’s asking students to observe the “No Parking after Hours” signs posted around campus.

“They come here and hang out because they feel safe,” Britt said. “But that’s a false sense of security because there’s no supervision. During the day, there are plenty of adults present, but that’s not the case after hours.”

The vast majority of students are respectful, with a few minor offences such as littering and loud music. But this summer, recent episodes of vandalism, fireworks, and reckless driving have spurred the campus police to take action, as per the update.

“A lot of people think that because we’re a public school, the campus is public property, but that’s not true,” Britt said.

The chief is referring offenders to the Grenada School District Policy Code JGFF, which states, “Parking facilities located at the various school district buildings are not public parking areas and are to be used for school purposes only.”

The district code also states that failure to abide by vehicle regulations could result in the loss of a student’s right to bring his or her vehicle onto campus and that student automobiles are subject to administrative searches.

As per the update by Grenada High School, Britt said campus police would begin issuing trespassing tickets for cars left unattended after hours and to students hanging around after their activities.

“The school board wants the campus to be open for exercise and athletics, so of course, we’ll continue to welcome anyone who is here to walk in the late afternoon or to attend school activities,” Britt said. “But we simply can’t tolerate reckless behaviour on school grounds.”