Grenada: 7 dead bodies found on vessel expected to be a case of human trafficking

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Saint George’s, Grenada: An update has been provided by the Police Commissioner of Grenada Edvin Martin on the incident where 7 dead bodies were found in a floating boat, noting that the preliminary digital forensic analysis indicates that this was a case of human trafficking, which went wrong.

The police commissioner shared the information during a press conference of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) held on Wednesday.

Formerly it was predicted that there were females and children among the dead bodies, on which the police commissioner provided clarity, informing that out of the seven remains found on the boat were men, while 2 of them are believed to be teenagers.

Martin addressing the media personnel, stated, “From preliminary findings, it suggests multiple countries and nationalities are involved in this incident. Juxtaposed against the fact, there were similar findings and sightings elsewhere in the Caribbean and Central America region supports our belief that this incident is believed to be associated with human trafficking or case of smuggling”.

The police commissioner further informed that INTERPOL and the other law enforcement agencies would assist the Royal Grenada Police Force -RGPF in the investigation of the case.

Besides this, no other information has been shared by the police authorities. Martin cited that based on the pieces of evidence collected so far, the police authorities are not able to provide much information about the case but will keep updating information.

On December 12, 2021, the dead bodies were discovered in a vessel drifting near Carriacou.

The experts earlier noted there is a high possibility that the vessel must have been drifted from either Africa or Haiti. The boat on which these decomposed dead bodies have been recovered was green (from outside) and blue (on the inside). This incident left people across the world horrified and astonished.