Gloves are not mandatory while giving vaccination, says Dr. Mclntyre

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Dominica: Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, along with Minister of Health and Wellness and New Health investment, Dr. Irving Mclntyre, solved the riddle of questions on Oxford Astra Zeneca COVID-19 in the weekly show Anou Pale.

As per the Minister of health Dominica, the country’s vaccination strategy has the potential to systematically immunize the entire population. Around 6000 people have been immunized from Oxford-Astrazeneca in Dominica

Dr. Mclntyre stated, there are seven district health centers from which across 6000 people have been vaccinated. He noted that every day around 1000 people were covered.

Vaccination Plan

The vaccination plan of action includes inoculating the vulnerable groups(65 above) or people who are at high risk of COVID-19(frontline workers), then the older groups, and further people who are suffering from chronic illness. But, Dr. Mclntyre declared, “we have the capacity to vaccinate beyond the all, and we will.”

Procedure to get the vaccination

Firstly, people need to fill the form from online mode, or they can spontaneously fill the forms at the health center. To register online, the country has created a dedicated website:

Counselling Session

There will be a counseling session to explain why it needs to get the vaccination. Patients will be kept under observation for 15 minutes.

Side-effects of Vaccine(Nothing Major)

PM Skerrit told that “there are no side-effects” of the vaccine. Health expert Dr. Mclntyre added, “there is nothing major; it is minimal and mild.” On the other hand, some health researchers say that, after inoculation of any vaccine, body pain, inflammation, chills, fever, and joint pain is common.


-It has the ability to prevent 70%-80% of severe COVID-19 illness

-It can prevent COVID-19 related ICU admissions by 100%

-Cutting down COVID-19 related hospital admissions (90%)

-Induces herd immunity

-Death chances are zero

-Back to normal life

PM added vaccination has the potential to enhance the restoration of all sources of income and to revive Dominica.

“Generous gift in the form of Oxford Astra Zeneca from India and 2 million COVAX global facilities is not questionable,” Dr. Mclntyre added.

Moreover, Dr. Mclntyre stated that India provides vaccines for 50% of the world’s population. Serum Institute of India manufactures 1.5 Billion vaccines, whereas the UK produces 0.69 billion and Johnsons & Johnsons of America produces 0.2 billion vaccines.

Gloves are not mandatory while giving vaccination until…

After PM Skerrit received the first jab of the vaccine, people asked why the nurse didn’t wear gloves while inoculating. Medical Practioner Dr. Mclntyre answered, “It is not mandatory to wear gloves while giving a vaccination. However, the person has bleeding or wound in hand or other transmissible or other problem to prevent the infection.”

“Some researchers have said that wearing gloves during vaccination can transmit unwanted pathogens via gloves,”Dr. Mclntyre added. 

Besides, Dr. Mclntyre announced that 5 Health & Wellness centers would be open in Dominica, Starting from Georgetown to Marigot. On Monday(1 March)-Georgetown, Wednesday(3 March)-Bellevue Chopin, Friday(5 march)-Vieille Case, Monday(8 March)-Wesley, and Wednesday(10 March)-Marigot.

Oxford Astra Zeneca’s consignment will expire in June 2021, so the vaccination drive will be ended by May 2021. Despite this, other shipments of vaccines from other countries would continue.

World Health Organisation, WHO says being healthy and disease-free signifies the excellent mental, physical and social being of an individual. Inspiring from that, Health Minister Dr. Mclntyre, under the administration of PM Skerrit, decided to add the word ‘Wellness’ to Health centers in Dominica.

Wellness manifests not just recognizing and diagnosing the disease but also preventing it and detecting it at the initial stages to cure it. It signifies to protect a person and ease them on a spiritual and emotional level too.

Vaccination is the only method to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, but people worldwide have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. So, it is necessary to answer all the fundamental questions which petrify the population.

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