Four men killed in Mayaro camp by alleged police officers

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Four men were brutally gunshot in Mayaro, allegedly claiming to be police officers on Monday. They were killed in a camp located about a half mile off Basil Trace in Bristol Village. 

According to the police reports, the incident took place in the early hours of the morning. The deceased were recognised as gardeners and named Buddy George, age 59, Jeremiah George, 20 years 20-years-old, Deon Keyon Mendoza, 29, and Marcus Buddy, 37 years old. 

The report further states that around 12:30 am, the victims were sleeping and suddenly heard the screams of people calling “police-police”. They went outside to assess the situation and saw six suspects dressed in police operational attire with firearms in their hands.

The alleged officers ordered the victims to lie face down on the ground and opened fire on them. They left the scene in a pickup van, following killing them. They were killed in a camp at Bristol Village. 

As per sources, two women and a one-year-old baby boy managed to survive as they were spared by the suspects. The gardeners’ family lives in Couva, but they usually stay at the camp to take care of their crops and garden.

The people in the surrounding area arrived at the scene, and they immediately informed the matter to the Mayaro Police Station. Upon receiving the report, the officers responded to the incident and went to the crime spot. 

Upon arrival, they discovered the bodies of the gardeners lying motionless on the ground. They took the bodies of the deceased to the hospital. They searched the area thoroughly and found two 9 mm and six 5.56 spent shell casings and a projectile. 

The officers of Mayaro Police Station are collaborating with the Homicide Bureau for further inquiries. The authorities urged the public to come forward with any information and assist them with their investigation. 

The people took to their Facebook handle to express their concern regarding the increase in crimes in their nation. “Omg, that’s all I can say, we are not safe in this country anymore, sad hmmm.”

Such words from the citizens clearly indicate that they are living in a state of fear. The authorities are asked to take immediate action against such crimes and implement strict rules for criminal activities in the country. 

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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