Florida: Broward County facing COVID-19 increase

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20 per cent of the new COVID-19 cases in the United States have been reported from Florida. As Florida had lifted the COVID-19 restrictions in the country and also opened its markets and travelling. The White House delivered news last Friday.

Steve Geller, the Mayor of Broward County, the state in which there have been second-highest COVID-19 cases. Mayor told his concern about the increase in the cases of COVID-19, and according to him, Broward County is the danger zone due to the high count of COVID-19 cases.


Steve Geller, the Mayor of Broward County, said that on June 1st, they had 5.1 cases per 100,000 population. By July 15th, that was 36.9. Those numbers had been increasing at a high pace. They have been absolutely in a danger zone right at the present time.

COVID-19 hospitalizations in Broward County have also been on the rise. According to Mayor Geller, most of the hospitalizations have been among the county’s unvaccinated residents. According to Mayor, the main reason for the non-vaccination had been vaccine hesitancy, and misinformation on the internet have been still threatening Florida’s quest to herd immunity.

The Mayor said that according to him, the misinformation on the internet about the vaccination and fake news behind it would be some tactics from the foreign powers.

Steve Geller, the Mayor of Broward County, said that he had no knowledge that what he was about to say was true. That was rampant speculation on his part. But the misinformation on the internet has been so bad and sobald-facedt, he was starting to question whether that could happen by accident. He was wondering whether that was not another foreign nation trying to damage the country intentionally because he doesn’t know what else could explain the number of bald-faced lies on the internet.

Some 67 per cent of Broward County’s eligible population had already been vaccinated. The Mayor urged to the remaining unvaccinated citizens to protect themselves from the virus by taking the shot.


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