Five cruises dock at Antigua and Barbuda, welcomes over 15000 visitors in one day

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Antigua and Barbuda: Five cruise ships docked at the Heritage Quay Pier of Antigua and Barbuda which welcomed over 15000 passengers to the island nation. The arrival of the cruises marks the busiest day for the port of St John, Antigua and Barbuda. 

Notably, more than 15000 passengers got an opportunity to explore the magnificent beauty of the island nation and to know about the vibrant culture and traditions of Antigua and Barbuda.

The five cruises that were docked at Heritage Quay Pier include Explorer of the Seas, Costa Fortuna, Coast Pacifica, Aida Perla and Enchanted Princess. All the passengers were provided with a plethora of experiences.

With the arrival of the cruises and passengers, the island nation marked a surge in the tourism sector of the country. Improvement in the tourism industry will directly boost the economic conditions of the nation, leading to its growth and development.

The arrival of the cruises to the island nation always worked as a great source of generating revenues, as it creates doors of several opportunities such as restaurants, guided tours, shops and many more which further enhances the economy of the country.

Explorer of the Seas. Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Explorer of the Seas. Picture Credits: FB accounts

Explorer of the Seas has the capacity to accommodate over 3000 passengers. It offers visitors an impressive array of facilities and entertainment activities that are appealing to every age group of people. It is a Voyager-class cruise ship which was owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International.

Costa Fortuna. Picture Credits: Vessel Finder
Costa Fortuna. Picture Credits: Vessel Finder

Costa Fortuna can accommodate more than 2500 guests and offers several amenities to all its visitors which include, pools, a theatre area, a spa, a sauna, a gym and many more. These facilities are being offered to make the travel of the visitors comfortable and memorable filled with beautiful memories and fun.

Coast Pacifica. Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Coast Pacifica. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Coast Pacifica has the capacity to accommodate 1504 passengers and it offers several services and attractions ensuring a unique experience for all the travellers.

Aida Perla. Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Aida Perla. Picture Credits: FB accounts

Aida Perla has various unique offerings, amenities, luxurious suites, dining, entertainment, health and fitness facilities and activities for people belonging to different ages.

Aida Perla. Picture Credits: Cruise Mapper
Aida Perla. Picture Credits: Cruise Mapper

Enchanted Princess is a Royal-class cruise ship which is operated by Princess Cruises and it offers luxurious experiences to all its visitors including a breathtaking sky suite along with stunning balcony views.

The continuous cruise visits to the shores of the island nation reflect the strengthening of the relationship between the cruise industry and Antigua and Barbuda.

As per the details, over 141,000 passengers made their visit to Antigua and Barbuda via cruise vessels in the month of February. It shows the tourism industry has experienced robust growth, following the continuous initiatives taken by the Ministry.

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