Finley Jeffrey crowned Calypso Monarch during 50th Independence celebrations in Grenada

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Finley Jeffrey “Scholar” alias “King Scholar” was crowned the Calypso Monarch for Grenada’s 50th Independence 2024. It is to be noted that the Independence calypso finals took place on Saturday, 27th January 2024, at Sauteurs Bus Terminal.

Scholar’s remarkable and mesmerizing performance left the entire crowd in awe, helping him dethrone defending champion Nevion Cox. Scholar performed on the song’ Still Young, ‘ helping him win the crown and $ 15,000 prize.

Scholar will always be remembered in the history of Grenada for claiming the Independence calypso competition as the island celebrates its 50th anniversary of Independence. Ten contestants in total were selected for the finals of Grenada’s 50th Independence Calypso monarch.

The results of Grenada’s 50th Independence Calypso finals:

  1. The first position was bagged by Finley Jeffrey ‘Scholar.’
  2. The second position was secured by Micah Joseph ‘Baracka.’
  3. Jermaine Simon ‘Superstar’ secured the third position. 
  4. The fourth position was bagged by Papa Jerry.  
  5. Katura George claimed the fifth spot.
  6. Nevion Cox, the defending champion, secured the sixth position.
  7. Big J bagged the seventh spot.
  8. The eighth position was secured by Sean Niles.
  9. Teacher Eddy bagged the ninth position.
  10. The tenth spot was secured by Michael Prince. 
, Micah Joseph ‘Baracka’ secured the second position. Picture Credits: Fb accounts
, Micah Joseph ‘Baracka’ secured the second position. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Notably, Micah Joseph ‘Baracka’, who secured the second position, was given the prize of $12,000 for his thrilling performance of ‘50 Stories’, and Jermaine Simon ‘Superstar’, who bagged the third spot, was given $10,000 as the winning prize for her performance, of ‘At 50’.  

Jermaine Simon ‘Superstar’, bagged the third spot. Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Jermaine Simon, ‘Superstar’, bagged the third spot. Picture Credits: FB accounts

After his victory, Scholar extended heartfelt gratitude to all his fans and supporters for all their overwhelming love towards him and for helping him win the crown of Calypso monarch.

The Sauteurs Bus Terminus witnessed an electrifying display of talent and art on Saturday. The night was filled with rhythm, rhyme and roaring cheers from the audience. The event displayed the vibrant spirit and talent of Grenada, blending musical talent with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Independence.

The residents of the community took to their social media accounts to express their views and extend congratulations to the winners of the competition. One person with a Facebook account, LittleEngland KeithSylvan, commented the following: “It was a fun night for all the family and much respect to the organizers and all the competitors.”

Another person with a social media handle, Marissa T.L. Barclay, commented, “Baraka, I am proud. I remember talking to you about getting back into competition.”

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