British Airways and American Airlines announce additional flights to Grenada

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British Airways and American Airlines are all set to provide the facility of “Getting to Grenada” to commemorate the 50th Independence anniversary celebration of the nation.

It is to be noted that British Airways flights will take off from London Gatwick three times a day. American Airlines flights will take off from two cities, namely, Miami, seven times per week and Charlotte, one time per week.

This initiative has been taken by the nation so that people don’t miss out on an opportunity to be a part of the grand celebration of the 50th anniversary of Independence. Therefore, this flight schedule will enhance people’s connectivity to the breathtaking island of Grenada from different cities around the world.

These flights will also play a pivotal role in providing safe and comfortable travel to visitors who wish to travel to Grenada. Seven more flights will take off from different cities of the world to Grenada for the Independence celebration. The flights include Virgin Atlantic Airways, Air Canada, Sun Wing, Jet Blue Airways, Caribbean Airlines, InterCaribbean Airways and SVG Air.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

The people can take Virgin Atlantic Airways flight from Heathrow Airport in London. The flight facility is available three times a week. 

Air Canada

The flights of Air Canada are available from Toronto airport. The flights are available 4 times a week. 

Sun Wing

People can take Sun Wing flights from Toronto airport. The facility is available only once a week. 

Jet Blue Airways

The Jet Blue Airways flight will take off from two cities, which includes New York, seven times a week and Boston, only once a week. 

Caribbean Airlines

Caribbean airlines have also launched flights from the airports of Trinidad and Barbados to Grenada. The flights from the Trinidad airport are available 10 times a week and once a week from Boston. 

InterCaribbean Airways 

The people have access to flights of InterCaribbean Airways from the airports of Barbados and St Vincent. The flights are available 11 times a week from Barbados and 4 times a week from St Vincent.

SVG Airlines

The people can catch an SVG Airlines flight from St Vincent via Carriacou to reach Grenada. The facility of these flights will be available daily. 

Grenada will celebrate 50 years of its Independence on 7th February, 2024. This year, the celebration is being conducted under the theme “One People, One Journey, One Future.”

Various events and activities are being conducted in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary independence of the nation. All the activities exhibit the vibrant and rich cultural heritage of the nation.

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell also said that “all the Grenadians must stay united and learn that the future belongs to them. A future that would allow us to disagree but not sink to disunity.”

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