EU and UK Delegations visit Dominica, expresses satisfaction on CBI Programme

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Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, announced that the European Commission officials and a special delegation from the UK Home Office have expressed their satisfaction with the CBI Programme. The officials visited Dominica recently to conduct a thorough investigation of the programme.

PM Skerrit spoke at a local radio show on Friday morning and said that both delegations undertook investigations and audits of Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme.

He also said that this significant meeting has led to a change in the perspectives of the EU and UK on the country’s CBI Programme.

Dr Skerrit noted that they were pleased with what the Government and CBI United have done and are doing and called the meeting ‘very constructive’.

He believes that they had a completely different perspective regarding the CBI Programme because they knew only what they heard, and this meeting made them know the reality.

European Union leaves Dominica with a positive impression about CBI Programme

While stating that the meeting turned out to be highly productive, PM Roosevelt Skerrit said that the EU officials had expressed their satisfaction with Dominica’s initiatives of the CBI Programme.

It was also announced by the Prime Minister that the delegation made thorough on-site evaluations of the CBI and Immigration Units.

The PM was positive about the recommendations given by the EU officials and vowed that they would take steps accordingly. “There are several measures we have taken, and we look forward to their recommendations, and we will take whatever action is required,” he outlined.

Following the meeting, PM Skerrit put light on the significance of first-hand experiences and emphasised that the EU officials left the island nation with much better knowledge and understanding of the CBI Programme, which assured them that not just Dominica but the entire Caribbean region is being benefited a lot with the programme.

UK Home Office’s delegation meets CBI officials in Dominica

While talking about the UK Home Office delegation’s visit, the PM stated that they were very happy to witness what was happening in the CBI Unit physically and left with a positive note about what Dominica was doing.

The delegation visited on Monday, following which Dr Roosevelt Skerrit voiced his plan to send a retired police official from Dominica to the United Kingdom in order to discuss reinstating visa-free access.

During their meeting in Dominica, the UK delegation also met with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and urged them to be more involved in the entire process of providing citizenship.

In addition to this, PM Skerrit also noted that the government is committed to transparency and added that they are trying their best to follow the procedures and work to uphold the integrity of the overall programme.

He expressed satisfaction that international partners are involved with Dominica and are ready to work in all spheres. He also commended the positive attitudes both delegations left with. PM Skerrit also vowed that is open to any recommendations by international partners.

While reiterating his commitment towards the Citizenship by Investment Programme, the Prime Minister said he always looks forward to international partners coming and visiting Dominica to get first-hand information on the work being done in the country’s CBI Programme.

“We owe a duty to ourselves and the international community,” quoted PM Roosevelt Skerrit.

Furthermore, he said that the government was talking to the Britishers and the EU and encouraged them, “Why don’t you come together and give a combined joint agreement? And they agreed.”

It was also signified by the PM during the radio show that Dominica’s actions must align with international expectations and that the CBI Programme must continue to contribute positively towards the country’s overall development.

In the end, he pledged to take those actions which will be necessary for the betterment of the CBI Programme of Dominica.

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