Éclat Nova Luxuries to support the Dominica Robotics Team in participating in First Global Robotics Competition
Éclat Nova Luxuries to support the Dominica Robotics Team in participating in First Global Robotics Competition

Dominica: Éclat Nova Luxuries proudly supports the Dominica Robotics Team in participating in the First Global Robotics Competition in Geneva, Switzerland. We wish this dynamic team all the best; the competition runs from today, October 11th, to 16th.

As a sustainable brand in operation for the past three years, we recognize and applaud the importance that robotic technology plays in sustainability; it is, in fact, already revolutionizing global sustainability efforts and practices. On its own, Earth can survive; however, man cannot survive without the Earth, so the need to preserve, conserve, and reserve is of utmost importance to our existence and generations after us.

Now you may be wondering, robotics, robots, where and how do they possibly fit in these efforts? The answer may surprise you. Yes, robots are already being used to lead global environmental efforts to conquer many environmental issues, and leading world economies are heavily investing in the development of robotic technology in a quest to create a cleaner, greener, and healthier Earth. Many of these technologies are industry specific and exist in automated manufacturing facilities, marine pollution reduction, climate change and conservation, innovative recycling, natural energy production, removal and conversion of carbon emissions, medical interventions, and countless others.

Robotic technology is deployed in oceans in various forms to ‘digest’ and convert pollution from oil tankers, cargo ships and garbage into reusable energy, which is used to power boats and small motors. These robots also help minimize the negative chemical effects which these pollutants can have on marine life and are also used to clean marine plants, which ultimately reduces the risk of contaminated ingestion by marine life, thereby creating a healthier food source for man.

Robotics play a pivotal role in the use of renewable energy sources such as Wind Turbines, Solar Energy and Geothermal Energy in sustainable energy production. They are also used in reducing carbon emissions by monitoring the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and informing strategies for improvement and control to stave off severe climate change and maintain food security. Understanding the Carbon Cycle and predicting the Earth’s current and future climate is of utmost importance to our existence.

Re-planting and reforestation would not be possible as we know it without the use of robots. Among many reforestation uses, they prepare land for sowing and plant hectares of mature trees in deforested areas within hours, a feat that would cause serious challenges if it were to be performed by manpower.

Playing an active role in sustainability is everyone’s business. As a brand, we are cognizant of how our products are grown, harvested, manufactured, and packaged before reaching you, our valued clients and have taken steps to ensure that our production does not adversely affect our environment. We are an emerging brand, and our journey to sustainability is ongoing. All our raw ingredients used in our products are organically grown, products sourced from overseas are plant-based, naturally derived, and purchased from certified companies with specifically recognized accreditations with respect to ethical standards of production, environmental protection and conservation, and animal habitat and food source safety.

This is just a touch; we invite you to explore just how life, as we know it today, wouldn’t be the same without the intervention of robotic technology. The importance of Learning STEM is also playing a significant role in developing future scientific innovators and innovations in schools’ learning modules. Robotics is already our future; the synergy is positive and critical to man’s survival on this planet Earth.