Dominican Health Ministry announces new COVID-19 protocols, restrictions

Dominican Health Ministry announces new COVID-19 protocols, restrictions

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Dominica: The Ministry of Health, Wellness, and New Health Investment has announced new protocols and restrictions for COVID-19. According to the government, these protocols will come into effect from April 4, 2022.

According to the government, the “General Protocols” are as follows –

– Physical distancing of six feet is no longer mandatory at businesses and establishments.

– Public transportation is allowed to operate at full capacity.

– Restrictions on visitation to the prison, hospitals, and homes for the aged have been removed. The Public should note that these institutions will formulate internal policies for visitation in keeping with health protocols, and these policies should be strictly adhered to.

The new protocols for “Religious Gathering” are –

– Restrictions on religious gatherings have been removed.

– Churches are no longer restricted to a maximum attendance of 150 and may operate at full capacity.

Protocols announced for the “Reopening of Schools” are –

– Restrictions on Educational instruction have been removed.

– Daycares and Pre-schools will be allowed to reopen in keeping with health protocols developed for these establishments with effect from April 4.

– Primary and Secondary Schools will return to full face-to-face learning for the 3rd Term on April 25, 2022.

– All other educational institutions will resume normal operations in keeping with their academic schedules.

Revised restrictions for “Bars/ Nightclubs/ Social Activity” are –

– All bars are allowed to resume normal operations.

– Restrictions on music and congregating have been removed.

– Nightclubs are allowed to reopen for under 300 patrons with strict adherence to health protocols.

– Restrictions on social activity, such as private parties and sporting activities, with fewer than 300 in attendance, have been removed.

For organizing a “Social Event,” the host must take care of the below-mentioned restrictions from April 4, 2022:

– For special events with above 300 patrons, a special event permit is required. Proof of vaccination or negative antigen test result within 24 hours of entry is required, and other health protocols will be applied.

– Sporting events with above 300 patrons will be hosted under the revised Special Event Protocols

– Nightclubs hosting events for over 300 patrons must also comply with the Special Event Protocols.

Wearing masks would remain mandatory in the Caribbean country. “The mask mandate remains in effect and will be reviewed in May. The removal of the mask mandate will depend on an increase in vaccination numbers and a further reduction in COVID-19 cases,” the ministry stated.

The Health Ministry stated that the masks must be worn on public transportation, in public buildings, including supermarkets, other similar businesses or places, in shared office spaces, and in the public spaces.

“All businesses establishments, churches, schools, and forms of public transportation are required to conform to be safety protocols such as sanitizing hand and surface areas and wearing masks,” the health ministry informed.