Dominica to get global connectivity with new international airport

In a major step toward greater mobility, the Commonwealth of Dominica has started the construction International Airport in Wesley village. The project is progressing at a dynamic pace. The government signed an agreement with Montreal Management Consultants (MMCE) to bring the billion-dollar project to reality which will be completed in five phases.

The International Airport is set to complete by the beginning of 2025 and will provide easy connectivity to Dominica from Europe, the United States, and many other locations.

“The international airport project has been at the forefront of development talks for over three decades; the government went through conducting various studies and identified multiple sites,” Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit.

Upon completion, the international airport will diversify the nation’s economy by becoming a central hub for business purposes. It will be more favorable to those who hail from the farming and fisheries sector as export and trade to the United States and several global nations will become much easier.

Dr Anthony Haiden, CEO of MMCE, said, “This international airport is the biggest contracted undertaking not only in the history of Dominica but also in the history of the region.”

“The most sophisticated methods developed in the construction industry will be applied, and the result will be the best airport in the region. Its successful completion and subsequent operation will have a transcending effect on the country and will literally reshape the future of Dominica,” he further said.

Additionally, it will attract more foreign travelers and will cut the traveling time for the individuals looking to visit Dominica and make the journey hassle-free.

Micha Rose Emmett- CEO of CS Global Partners stated that the international airport will open Dominica to the rest of the world.

Micha Rose Emmett- CEO of CS Global Partners
Micha Rose Emmett- CEO of CS Global Partners

“In recent years, Dominica has welcomed several luxury eco-tourism resorts, and is in the process of constructing a new international airport that will open the country up to the rest of the world. The nation is well-positioned to take full advantage of the tourism market,” Micha-Rose Emmett

The construction of this airport will generate plenty of jobs during pre and post-completion. During the establishment of this project, it will prove to be a respite for several individuals seeking jobs, but in the long term, it will create more opportunities in several other sectors as well. It is estimated that around 3000 individuals will be employed during the construction.

The economic flows of commodities, investments, people, and ideas that are primary drivers of economic progress are enabled by these virtual bridges in the air.

The airport is likely to build up the connections between all regional and international tourism. It is willing to fit the big commercial and cargo flights from all across the globe; direct flights from the United States and Europe and several other nations will step onto the International Airport of Dominica.

Alongside, the government of Dominica is compensating all the citizens who have contributed their lands for the development of the airport, and around 31 houses are already under construction for such families.

Dominica has a history of being pummeled by hurricanes. In 2014, Tropical storm Erika caused massive destruction to the island, and in 2016, Hurricane Maria struck catastrophic damage.

Since then, Dominica has been campaigning for climate change and pledged to ‘build back better and become the first climate-resilient country globally.