Devastation caused by hurricane beryl. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

Dominica stands in solidarity with Grenada and St Vincent and Grenadines

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Roseau, Dominica: The Government of Dominica extended support and offered assistance to the citizens of the island nations who have been badly affected by Hurricane Beryl. Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit pledged to support Grenada, Carriacou, Petite Martinique, and St Vincent and the Grenadines in their difficult times.

The leader of the nation stated that the administration and the citizens of Dominica truly stand in solidarity with the people of the affected nations. He stated that they are continuing to pray for the well-being and recovery of the affected ones.

“We pledge our full support and assistance to our sisters and brothers in the islands impacted by Hurricane Beryl, including in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” noted Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit.

Also, the Hurricane Beryl has created a huge devastation in Grenada which has led to the loss of 80% of the infrastructure, resulted in making several citizens homeless. Along with that, the sister island Carriacou also suffered huge losses as homes and businesses have been severely damaged, due to which the citizens are facing significant challenges. Notably, three people were reported to be killed in the island nation, with two in Carriacou and one in Grenada due to the destructions and devastating effects of Hurricane Beryl.

Meanwhile, St Vincent and the Grenadines also suffered huge losses and severely damaged 90% of the houses on Union Island. Along with that, the island nation also reported the death of one individual due to storm.

Therefore, Prime Minister has stated that he will make all his possible efforts in order to provide support to the affected with the hope of bringing them back to normalcy in rapid time. Also, the leader met with some of his Pottersville constituents who suffered damages from sea swells associated with Hurricane Beryl. He stated that his administration would offer full support to the people who have faced loss due to the natural calamity.

This gesture by PM Skerrit has been lauded by several citizens of the nation, who took to their social media accounts and appreciated him. One person with the Facebook handle Princess Gen, wrote, “I’m so happy our PM is willing to support these islands. We’re one people in the Caribbean Islands. My prayers are with those who are in need.”