Dominica shines in BBC’s sustainable travel destinations’ list 

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Roseau, Dominica: The country, Dominica is one of those countries which are on a speedy developmental path. BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation), one of the largest broadcasting networks around the world, featured ‘Dominica, Lesser Antilles’ in 10 sustainable travel destinations to visit in 2024.

The country has become a perfect sustainable travel destination as it includes various sustainable tourism spots, offering luxuries to tourists through the services of sustainable resorts like Coulibri Ridge and trails like Soufriere Outdoor Centre.

Many tourism related developments including the above mentioned have been taken in the country under the administration of Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit. Making Dominica a sustainable tourism destination has gone through a long but remarkable journey as the Island was completely devastated after Hurricane Maria hit the nation in 2017.

Despite the challenges, the strength of the authorities and the local populace made it possible to take the country to the heights. And, aligning with it, the country is on its path to becoming the World’s first Climate Resilience Nation by 2030.

Significantly, Eco Tourism is part of the steps towards it. The government of the nation is dedicated to working towards eco-tourism. Various features like eco-lodges, resorts and villas make a great contribution towards it.

Also, these features are attracting people from a wider area to pay a visit to the beautiful island, also known as “ Nature Isle of the Caribbean.”

Nature isle of the Caribbean, credits to Shyguy's Dominica Tours Facebook Page
Nature isle of the Caribbean, credits to Shyguy’s Dominica Tours Facebook Page

Sustainable Tourism, a term itself, presents the meaning of tourism which takes complete account of the current and future economic, social and environmental impacts which address the requirements of visitors and the environment.

Interestingly, Dominica, through its world-class experiences, satisfies visitors and promotes ecotourism while taking care of the protection of natural reserves. Additionally, there are several sustainable resorts in the country; namely, Secret Bay, Jungle Bay, Anichi Resort, Intercontinental and Coulibri Ridge.

Secret Bay is the oldest while Coulibri Ridge is the latest among the sustainable resorts. All these nature-inspired luxury places offer ultra-luxurious experiences along with visually pleasing sites.

Coulibri Ridge, credits to Ministry of Tourism, Dominica Facebook Page
Coulibri Ridge, credits to Ministry of Tourism, Dominica Facebook Page

Through the perfect blend of amenities and sceneries, the resorts have become the idyllic spots to be visited.

Probing ahead, the significant area of the country is covered with the rainforests and the rich biodiversity has given a home to more than 200 species of exotic birds and other creatures. Many attractions add up the adventures to be offered to the tourists.

These attractions involve a boiling lake, which is 207 feet wide and is marked as the world’s second-largest lake. Many other tour offerings through waterfalls, including Trafalgar Falls – the twin falls and hiking trails fascinate the visitors. The country also has the Caribbean’s first long-distance hiking trail, named Waitukubuli National Trail, which is 183 km long and is split into 14 sections.

Waitukubuli sea trail, credits to Ministry of Tourism, Dominica Facebook Page
Waitukubuli sea trail, credits to Ministry of Tourism, Dominica Facebook Page

All in all, Dominica is the best in offering unique experiences through eco-friendly hotels, wellness facilities, attractive locations and the welcoming nature of the citizens. 

George Henry
George Henry
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