Dominica sets example for Climate Resilience, PM Skerrit hails CREAD’s achievements

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Roseau, Dominica: The Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit highlighted the achievements of the country and extended gratitude towards the members of CREAD (Climate Resilience Execution Agency for Dominica) for the support they have provided to Dominica in becoming the world’s first climate resilient nation.

During the closing ceremony of CREAD, the Prime Minister outlined that Dominica has seen very difficult times as the devastation done by Hurricane Maria in 2017 is no less than a nightmare. The CREAD team has shown the greatest support towards building resilience.

Remembering the hardest hit of Hurricane Maria, the PM mentioned that the Government was forced to adjust and pursue a rollback, minimizing the loss and destruction that the people of the region far too frequently have to deal with.

Probing ahead, he added the achievements that Dominica has gained during these years. He recognized them as a sense of pride and hope for continued success in accomplishing the goal of increasing resilience that can protect the country from the threats of climate change.

“You took a compelling vision to transform Dominica into a climate resilient and turned it into a working model for the world to emulate. Indeed, the global community has taken notice,” mentioned the Prime Minister.

By making this statement, he stated that Dominica’s transformation has become a set example for the world that everything and anything can be done when the leaders and citizens have a clear vision.

Highlighting the achievements, he also mentioned that he has done great towards the pledge he took at the UN in September 2017 to safeguard Dominica from the impacts of climate change. Also, they added that this is not just a complete accomplishment, and Dominica still has to reach the benchmark to be in a state of complete success.

Further, he outlined the initiatives that were undertaken by the government for the recovery which included the National Resilience Development Framework, the National Resilience Development Strategy and the Climate Resilience and Recovery Plan.

Significantly, he expressed his gratitude to the countries like UK and Canada for the support they have provided during the period of last seven years. Highlighting this, he stated that the Sisserou Award of Honour, Dominica’s second highest honor, should be given by his government to the governments of the United Kingdom and Canada.

The Prime Minister thanked the authorities of both countries for the faith they have shown in Dominica. And, casted light on their willingness to invest in the nation’s ambitious goal which seemed impossible to the world.

“We have not only talked the talk, we have walked the walk,” said the Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

Through this statement, the Prime Minister focused on all the initiatives taken throughout the journey of building resilience that have had positive impacts on the country’s growth and development. He added that recently, the Government established the Sperm Whale Reserve, which is contributing a lot to addressing climate change concerns.

Noting all the achievements, the Prime Minister added that such gains are a signal of the government’s dedication and the support of international collaborations. Also, the actions are continued towards the global fight.

George Henry
George Henry
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