Dominica: PM and Finance Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to present Budget 2022-2023 on July 26
Dominica: PM and Finance Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to present Budget 2022-2023 on July 26

Dominica: Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Investment, Telecommunications and Broadcasting – Dr Roosevelt Skerrit will present the estimates of expenditure for the financial year ending on June 30, 2023. The budget, to one billion one hundred and nineteen million, eight hundred and twenty-nine thousand and three Dollars, will be represented after the Parliament commences on July 26, 2022 (Tuesday).

On the same day, the House of Assembly will meet to conduct the First Meeting of the Third Session of the Tenth Parliament under the constitution of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The Minister of Finance and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit will deliver the National Budget address after the throne speech by the President of the country – Charles Savarin. During his national address, PM Skerrit will also be seeking authorization to borrow and guarantee by means of an overdraft, the sum not exceeding one hundred and eight million Eastern Caribbean Dollars from the National bank of Dominica, First Caribbean International Bank, Republic Bank and any other approved Financial Institution.

These above-mentioned loans are to meet the overdraft requirements of the Central Government as well as to guarantee the overdrafts to be statutory and public corporations for a further one year starting from July 1, 2022. During this parliamentary meeting, the budgets for fiscal years 2020 and 2021 will also be presented. Expectedly, the Dominica Social Security Annual Report 2020 will also be presented in Parliament.

Amid the meeting, a number of committees will be appointed, including the Public Accounts Committee, Standing Orders Committee, Privileges Committee, Parliamentary Proceeding and Broadcasting and CREAD Parliamentary Oversight Committee.

As per the government officials, the parliament proceedings will begin at 10 am on July 26, 2022.