Dominica observes continuous developments at World’s Longest Cable Car Project

Construction work of the Cable Car began in January 2022, till date, it has progressed significantly. It has reached to a specific point which will mark its completion soon

Bottom Station Building Foundation, credits: unknown
Bottom Station Building Foundation, credits: unknown

Roseau, Dominica: The construction of the world’s longest cable car is ongoing in Dominica which is one of the prestigious projects. The cable car, once constructed, will be the highlight of the island nation. On completion the cable car will offer a scenic ride of 4.1 miles from the Roseau Valley to Boiling Lake.

Construction work of the Cable Car began in January 2022, till date, it has progressed significantly. It has reached to a specific point which will mark its completion soon. Considering the progress of the workings, multiple installations have already been completed.


Including the completion of Deadman anchor logs for LCS and Doppelmayr ropeway. Under this, many other developments have also been witnessed, out of 43 GR weight platforms, 39 have been prepared and 240 out of 280 concrete weights have been casted and piled.

Doppelmayr 1 Excavation, credit: unknown
Doppelmayr 1 Excavation, credit: unknown

Additionally, steel is currently being tied and formed for the tower foundations 14, 16 and 17 which will be flown. The rope cutting and tree cutting activities have also been performed as all guy ropes have been re-cut and the final tree cutting has been performed. (Line 1 & 2 winch pads cast).

When having a look at the LCS tower assembly and Installation, it has come forward that tower assembly and Saddles are complete. Tower 1, 7, 8 and Line 1 winch has been installed. Also, rigging pallets have been assembled for flying.

Moving on to the Doppelmayr Bottom Station foundation, excavation is in progress for Tower 1 and 13, while the process for tower 9, 10, 11 and 12 is completed and the skim coat as well is blinded. Adding to it, the micropile drilling of Tower 8 is finished and for Tower 7 micropile drilling has begun, the broken part is being expressed.

Emphasizing on Trail and Construction sites, a construction of a shed is under construction for rebar bending area and trail work improvements have been done to top stations and Tower 13. Notably, the helipad has been dug Tower 17.

Construction status of Top Station under Dominica’s Cable Car Project

Under this, major workings have been completed, which includes the measurement of the building area and the plans for this have been made. Significantly, the GR lines have been cleared as the helipad has been cleared, however, it needs flattening which is pending yet. Moreover, LCS 18 tower foundation is being dug and the Anchor hole excavation is accomplished.

For the same, rebar has been ordered in bulk around 385 tonnes for Grade 60 bar which is under production, which will arrive in the month of February. Also, the order for 2nd ford ranger truck has been placed and the top station self erecting crane is being loaded into the containers which have come from Bigfoot Crane Company.

Regarding the Parking lot, 90% of the second retaining wall has been completed, with ongoing progress on the corner to the bottom station, Symzees Villa roadway, and wall for the roadway to the bottom station. Second-level excavation is also under progress.

Architecture, Engineering and Administration under Dominica’s Cable Car Project

The structural plans for the bottom station have been released, however, architectural plans are in the final detailing stages. In addition, DOMLEC is working on new plans for powerline locations as the landowners are not willing to allow the poles on their personal properties.

Work on the protection tower design for high-voltage lines in Trafalgar is ongoing. Also, the organizing of the fabrication of the top station parrot is underway. The completion of these ongoing works is anticipated to provide convenient access to the Boiling Lake.

Boiling Lake is one of the wonderful attractions of Dominica, located in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, at a distance of 10.5 kms from Roseau, the capital of Dominica. The lake covers an area of 200 to 250 feet and is the world’s second-largest hot lake. Interestingly, it is even recognized as a World Heritage Site.

As there are no roads connecting to the Boiling Lake, the cable car project aims to make the journey convenient for visitors by providing smooth access without the need to navigate the 13 km hiking route.