Dominica: House of Assembly discusses welfare and development of people
Dominica: House of Assembly discusses welfare and development of people

Roseau, Dominica: House of Assembly chaired the first meeting of the first session of the Eleventh Parliament on February 7, 2023. The parliamentary session focused on the development of Dominica in every aspect involving the security of the people in the country, upliftment of agricultural activities and building good and sustainable infrastructure.

Dr Irving McIntyre, Minister of Finance, Economic Development, Resilience and Social Security, discussed the amendment on several acts and, while giving the accounts of the money allocated for the development of Dominica, has been used for the swift working of many operations going in the country.

Talking on National security, Dr McIntyre said that the present government had taken different steps, out of which the E-passport initiative is essential as it provides a double layer of security and appeals to all Dominicans to obtain their E-passport.

Miriam Balchand, Minister of Labour, Public Service Reform, Social Partnerships, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, said, “The data that confirms government Expenditure or investments have a positive impact on the economic activity in Dominica.”

Miriam Balchand said that Dominica is going with a good place towards economic development, which is moving ahead of the estimated percentage.

Further, she discussed that the National Employment Programme had positive impacts on the employment scale in the country. The programme was also focused mostly on making youth skilful under various Skill Training Programmes both in private and public sectors, creating opportunities for them to have a fixed source of income.

Roland Royer, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Blue and Green Economy, said that the new farming equipment would increase the efficiency of the farmers and their techniques during farming activities. He added the construction of an Agricultural Complex, which will facilitate the development and research of different species and develop new ways to increase farming productivity in the country.

Octavia Alfred, Minister for Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training and National Excellence, highlighted the importance of education and mentioned the expenditure of 10 million dollars, which was appropriate for all work under operation at Dominica Grammar School.