Dominica government, Mexican delegation discuss ways to strengthen Bilateral Relations
Dominica government, Mexican delegation discuss ways to strengthen Bilateral Relations || Picture Courtesy: PM Roosevelt Skerrit Facebook

Roseau, Dominica: The Mexican delegation led by Dr Laura Elena, accompanied by DG G Sandoval Salas and Amb Lopez Moreno had a successful visit to Dominica, where they held productive meetings with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and members of his cabinet, on March 24th, 2023. The prime objective of the visit is to strengthen bilateral relations and cooperation between the countries.

The Mexican delegation’s visit to Dominica highlights the growing importance of bilateral relations between Mexico and the Caribbean region. The delegation’s discussions with Prime Minister Skerrit and his cabinet centred on various issues, including trade, investment, tourism, and education. The two countries are strongly interested in working together to advance their mutual interests.

During the meetings, both sides agreed to expand their cooperation in various areas, including trade and investment. The Mexican delegation expressed its interest in exploring opportunities to invest in Dominica’s infrastructure, particularly in transportation, energy, and telecommunications. The two countries also discussed strengthening their trade ties, particularly in agriculture and food products.

In addition to economic cooperation, the two countries discussed strengthening cooperation in the areas of education and culture. Mexico expressed its interest in providing scholarships to Dominican students to study in Mexico, particularly in the areas of science and technology. Theo officials of both the countries also discussed the possibility of organizing cultural exchange programs to promote greater understanding and appreciation between their people.

Overall, the visit by the Mexican delegation was seen as a positive step towards strengthening the relationship between the two countries. The discussions and agreements reached during the visit are expected to lead to increased cooperation and collaboration in various areas. The visit also highlights the importance of dialogue and diplomacy in fostering closer ties between nations.

In conclusion, the Mexican delegation’s visit to Dominica was a success, as it allowed both countries to discuss issues of mutual interest and explore new areas of cooperation. This visit is expected to further strengthen the relationship between the two countries and pave the way for more fruitful partnerships in the future.