Dominica: FCCA extends opportunity for students to showcase skills through essay contest

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Roseau, Dominica: The Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) Foundation presents 2024 Children’s Essay Contest. Such a contest extends a chance for Dominicans to shine a spotlight on sustainability and Cruise Tourism in the country.

The contest aims at getting views of people on how the country and cruise lines are contributing towards the sustainable development of the country through cruise tourism. The tourism ministry of Dominica has called the students to participate and share their ideas.

The subject for the same has also been shared as “How can my country and cruise lines work together for more sustainable cruise calls.” The topic by its title only suggests highlighting the ways through which cruise tourism has contributed towards the promotion of the tourism sector of the country. This also aligns with the overall development as the country is widely known for its eco tourism.

The tourism ministry has shared certain important highlights that are to be followed by the participants. These say that the participants of till age 16 can participate. An essay should be of 500 words and is to be submitted till July 5, 2024 through school to the Discover Dominica Authority.

Interestingly, the winners will be awarded with exciting prizes. And, these will not only be given to the student but as well to the respective school. They have been divided into two categories that are Junior Division and Senior Division. The former is for students aged 12 and under, and the latter one is for students of Age 13 to 16.

Prizes for Junior Division and Senior Division

The prizes that will be given to the students and the school will be the same amount and the same items. For the first prize, the student will be awarded with a laptop and the school will get the amount of $3000. However, for second and third place, the student will be awarded a Touchscreen device and a Smartphone, respectively. The amount which the school will be getting is US $1500 for second place and $1000 for third place. 

George Henry
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