Democratic Labour Party urged Barbadians to tackle COVID-19 pandemic bravely

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More urgent actions should be taken by the ruling government to mitigate the effect of the COVID-19 virus. Democratic Labour Party stated.

The party’s spokesperson on health Paul Gibson said that he wants to urge the Barbadians to take care of themselves independently. They should be obeying the COVID-19 physical rules and medical rules.


According to the statement given by Gibson, he said that he had, in his last press briefing, communicated that they had to guard against a third wave. He was told by many that he was a prophet of doom. What he does was understanding human behaviour, and they might have really continued to maintain the protocols and the messaging and the practices and their messaging to the Barbadian public because everybody has been letting their guards down. HE actually saw that daily in Barbados.

On Sunday, few weeks after the easing of all curfew measures, Minister of Health and Wellness Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic announced an 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew as the country recorded 40 new cases on Saturday that capped a week of increasing numbers.

The developments also prompted calls from Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George for businesses and religious organizations, which have been said to be at the centre of the latest outbreaks, to tighten their adherence to protocols.

Paul Gibson said that the same thing that solves gun crimes in countries has the same thing that solves high COVID numbers, which has a community effort, an effort by the community to hinder or reverse the trends and to be complicit with the instructions that had been given.

The DLP spokesman concluded by saying that the principles have been the same. Human behaviour drives crime reduction, human behaviour drives COVID-19 reduction, and more certain behaviours give them the desired result. So that has been unfortunate, but they need to get back to those guidelines so that the Barbadians could get back to some kind of normalcy by the normal protocols as they are.


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