Delta Airlines to offer non-stop services to Antigua and Barbuda

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Antigua and Barbuda: Delta Airlines is all set to offer non-stop daily flight services in the winter season from Atlanta International Airport to V.C. International Airport of Antigua and Barbuda. The expansion of the flight services will play a huge role in enhancing the tourism sector of the country and the travel options for all the visitors.

The non-stop weekly services will be effective from 7th December 2024 and will continue till 7th January 2025. After winter break, the airline will return to its twice-weekly services on Tuesday and Saturday. Following that, the Delta Airlines will also introduce its weekly services from John F. Kennedy International (JFK) in New York to V.C. Bird International Airport. 

All these details were unveiled by the Colin C. James, CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority. He also stated that it is a huge opportunity for the country to strengthen its relations with the United States of America by enhancing the air connectivity.

He further shared his views on the service from JFK hub and called it as the huge development for Antigua and Barbuda as a tourism destination. He added that these services will make the travel options easier for all the tourists, ensuring their travel, comfortable and filled with several unforgettable memories. 

He also added that these expansion in the flight services will create a surge in the tourism sector of the country. It will later contribute to the economic conditions of the country, leading to growth and development of the nation. 

He asserted that these boost in tourism sector will also open door to several opportunities for the local citizens of the island nation. It will play a significant role in expanding local market which will further help in generating huge amount of revenues for the island nation. 

The tourism ministry is also making continuous efforts to attract large number of visitors to explore the unparalleled and magnificent beauty of the island nation. It is also a great opportunity for the tourism sector to promote and showcase their vibrant culture and traditions of the country. 

The expansion of the services will not only boost the tourism sector but will also play a significant role in strengthening the relations between the airline and the country. The better relations will further play a key role in expanding the airline sector of the Antigua and Barbuda. 

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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