Death & destruction in Gaza, war between IDF and Hamas completes 100 days

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The longest and bloodiest war of Israel-Hamas has now reached its 100th day. The most destructive dispute between the two countries took the lives of many as well as shook the social life of both nations.

The conflict was sparked when Hamas attacked Southern Israel on October 7, 2023. Since then, Israel has left no chance and pursued this journey with continuous air strikes and ground attacks on the Gaza Strip, causing unprecedented destruction and ravaging the entire area.

It is to be noted that UN observers say the offensive has displaced most Palestinians in Gaza, shut down nearly half of Gaza’s hospitals and led to widespread famine.

The total deaths enlisted due to the conflict are as follows,

  1. Number of people killed in Israel: 1,200 and more
  2. Counted number of Palestinians killed in the West Bank: 347
  3. Recorded Palestinians killed in Gaza: 23, 843

During the war, the civilian death toll reached alarming numbers such as,

– Civilians killed in Gaza: The number of civilian tolls of the war is yet to be counted; however, as per sources, it is believed that two-thirds of those killed in Gaza are women and minors.

– UN staff killed in Gaza: 148

– Workers of Health staff killed in Gaza: around 337

– Number of civilians killed in Israel on October 7: 790

– Journalists killed in Gaza: 82

As per an Israeli military statement, the operations in the hard-hit north have now scaled back. However, Hamas leaders are hiding in the south as it presses forward at full strength.

Moreover, since the beginning of the war, Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia and Israel have engaged in tit-for-tat episodes of irregular fighting.

While fighting in a war, many soldiers and militants lost their lives. The number of Israeli soldiers who were killed in a war counted on October 7 was 314, and the number of militants who died while fighting in the warfare was over 8,000.

It is to be added that the list of Israeli soldiers who were brutally killed while fighting for the sovereignty of their nation is mentioned below.

– Number of Israeli soldiers killed on the northern front: 9

– Number of Israeli soldiers killed by friendly fire or “accidents” in Gaza and the north: 29

– Number of Israeli army’s militants killed in the Gaza ground offensive: 187

Not only this, but this war has shaken the basic structure of Gaza and led to the destruction of the Humanitarian situation in Gaza. As per sources, about 45-56 per cent of Gaza’s buildings are likely destroyed. The hospitals are not able to function properly, as only 15 out of 36 are currently working.

Moreover, according to the reports, about 576,600, which is equal to 26 per cent of the population of Palestinian civilians, are facing “Catastrophic hunger and starvation.”

It is to be noted that more than 69 per cent of school buildings are totally damaged in Gaza. Notably, 142 mosques and 3 Churches are ruined to a great extent. The conditions have become highly worse as this conflict has damaged more than 121 ambulances.

Not thing, in terms of Munitions, about 14,000 rockets are launched towards Israel. It is worth mentioning that the numbers at the toll of the Israel-Hamas war were sourced from the Palestinian Health Ministry and Israeli officials, as well as international observers and aid groups.

People around the world took to their official Facebook handle to share their views and opinions regarding the conflict. Some of the comments read as,

“The land belongs to the 12 Tribes of Israel, scattered over the four corners of the earth: there will be a 2nd Exodus to restore the land to them.”

Further to this, these conflicts or wars resulted in the deaths of many and the destruction of the multiple resources of any nation.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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