Cuban’s on protest against Cuban government

1 death confirmed during protest in Cuba
1 death confirmed during protest in Cuba

Communist-run island Cuba has been experiencing a protest by its people of the country. Thousands of Cubans have been running down the streets with slogans” Down With Dictatorship”. These all events were also noticed in the Cuban capital Havana. While the protestors raged on the streets of Cuba and after being warned by the police, they were detained and beaten by the Cuban police.

The main reason for these protests has been the situation in Cuba due to the collapse of their economic structure and restriction on the civil liberties and the authorities while handling the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Shouting “Freedom!” and “Down with Communism!” may be considered as usual in other parts of the globe, but doing such an action in the tightly controlled Communist-run island can easily land you in jail.

The demands by the protestors have been genuine, which include fast vaccination as on the other hand, Cuba has been experiencing 7000 new COVID-19 cases daily, and 47 deaths were also reported in Cuba on Sunday.

The protesters were demanding a faster coronavirus vaccination programme after Cuba reported a record of nearly 7,000 daily infections and 47 deaths on Sunday.

While the crowds of protesters do not look huge, the significance of thousands of Cubans taking to the streets across the country can hardly be overstated.

The fact that people are daring to do so in small towns where they can be easily identified by the Communist authorities shows the levels of anger fuelling these protests.

The massive fall of Cuba’s state-controlled economy to 11% has been marked as the most severe fall in the history of Cuba. It was hit hard by the pandemic along with years back posed US sanctions.


Thousands of pro-government supporters also took to the streets after the president went on television to urge them to defend the revolution – referring to the 1959 uprising which ushered in decades of Communist rule.

President Miguel Díaz-Canel said the protests were a provocation by mercenaries hired by the US to destabilise the country.