Cuba and Ghana in agreement for medical cooperation

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On Wednesday, an agreement has been signed by the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba. Under this agreement, medical cooperation would be restored between Cuba and Ghana.

The Cuban Embassy published a press release through which they stated that the agreement among both the nations presents a plan of healthcare services in Ghana by the Cuban Medical Brigades.


The sources told that the agreement had been signed by Ghanaian Health Minister Kwaka Agyeman-Manu and Cuban Ambassador

– Pedro Luis Despaigne Gonzalez from the side of Cuban Minister of Public Health – Dr Jose Angel Portal Miranda.

The administration of Ghana and the residents had always approved their condemnation of the criminal financial, commercial & financial barrier which the United States imposes on Cuba for nearly around 60 years.

Many international groups and nations had criticized the blockade of the United States forced on Cuba and asked the Joe Biden government to raise sanctions from the Caribbean island.

Cuba has an embassy in the capital city of Guyana, Accra. Ghana has its embassy in the most significant and capital city of Cuba that is – Havana.

Past year, both the nations celebrated their 60 years of diplomatic relations with a politics-cultural activity organized jointly between the Cuban embassy and the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ghana at the Accra International Conference Centre.

If they look at Cuba’s foreign policy, it had been fluid throughout history depending on world events and different variables.

Without massive Soviet support and its leading trading partner, Cuba became continuously isolated during the time period of the late 1980s and early 1990s after the decline of the USSR and the end of the Cold War. After all of this, Cuba opened up more with the rest of the world again, that has been started in the late 1990s when they had recently joined bilateral cooperation with several South American countries.


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