Cuba-UK reaffirms willingness to strengthen bilateral ties in virtual meet

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Havana, Cuba: The deputy foreign minister of Cuba – Anayansi Rodriguez Camejo and the permanent undersecretary of the UK Foreign Ministry – Philip Barton, in a virtual meet reaffirmed the willingness to strengthen bilateral ties between both countries.

The Cuban official, via his Twitter handle, noted that in the exchange, both the officials ratified the mutual interest in advancing in the negotiations of the draft bilateral agreement on Political Dialogue and Cooperation.

Cuba’s deputy foreign minister stated that this agreement would facilitate high-level exchanges and a solid and systematic political dialogue between both countries.

The Cuban diplomat also thanked the United Kingdom for its support for the United Nations General Assembly resolution calling the end of the – economic, commercial and financial blockade that has been imposed on Cuba by the US administration.

Besides this, Multilateral issues such as – climate change and human rights were also discussed by both the officials in the virtual meet.

While on the other hand, Philip Barton, via his social media handle, expressed his pleasure at meeting with the deputy minister and described the exchange as a – “far-reaching, covering the breadth of the UK-Cuba relationship.”

In the past years, both nations have strengthened, at the highest level, actions to deepen the political dialogue between the two nations and expand bilateral associations almost in every sector or field.

Cuba-UK bilateral relationship –

Both the nations share a strong and longstanding relationship and deal in various sectors such as – political, commercial, security and economic, trade, as well as reducing the threat of organized crime.

Cuba and UK support each other in improvements on – human rights, recognizing positive developments and raising concerns when we have them.

The United Kingdom government also provide consular support to British nationals residing in the Caribbean island.

Till now, Cuba continues to have formal relations with 160 nations and provided civilian assistance workers – principally medical – in more than 20 nations.