CSG Patricia Scotland shares glimpse of her visit to Gabon

CSG Patricia Scotland shares glimpse of her visit to Gabon

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Commonwealth: Secretary-General Patricia Scotland dedicated her week to Gabon, a country along the Atlantic coast of Central Africa. During the meeting, the CSG met with various ministers and discussed about their portfolios and listened to their ambitions, ideas as well as challenges.

The ministers along with CSG Scotland agreed to work together to deliver development plans and Sustainable Development Goals of Gabon.

CSG Scotland stated through a social media, “This week in Gabon, I’ve had strategic discussions with various ministers on how their portfolios can fully benefit from the Commonwealth. I’ve listened to their ambitions, ideas & challenges, and we agreed to work together in order to deliver Gabon’s development plans & SDGs.”

Furthermore, she outlined that with 60 percent of the Commonwealth under 30 years, the future is in their hands.

She also shared about his discussions with Frank Nguema and Camelia Leclercq, the ministers agreed to support and nurture youth talent through quality education and job creation, allowing them to play an active role in Gabon’s transformation.

CSG Patricia Scotland further emphasized on the upcoming Commonwealth Youth Ministerial Meeting at Pakistan. “The next year is a particularly special year as it’s the ‘Year of the Youth’ – and our next Commonwealth Youth Ministerial Meeting will be held in Pakistan,” she mentioned.

Scotland further said that with COVID-19, climate change & economic disruption, governments, especially those of developing nations like Gabon, have faced big challenges in recent years. The combined commitment to economic and environmental recovery will allow to emerge with more equitable, resilient economies.

Recently, CSG Patricia Scotland praised Gabon’s forestry, marine protection, climate mitigation and carbon-neutral policies, which have enabled them to achieve impressive milestones in biodiversity and environmental governance.

She mentioned, “Great meeting Lee White CBE to discuss how they could build on this through.”