CSA financially assists Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Homes

CSA donates to senior citizen homes in observance of Solidarity Day and Caribbean Public Service.

CSA donates in observance of Solidarity Day and Caribbean Public Service.
CSA donates in observance of Solidarity Day and Caribbean Public Service

Castries, Saint Lucia: The Civil Service Association (CSA) donated a sum of $1,500 to the Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Home. The Donation was given in observance of Caribbean Public Service and Solidarity Day, which was held on October 4, 2023.

The Civil Service Association used the 2023 observance to provide and select one charitable organization on the island which would be given financial aid.

Mr Cyprian Montrope, who is serving as a CSA President along with the CSA executive, distributed the funds on their trip to the south of the island.

He further added his views while donating an amount of $1,500 that the CSA agreed to select one charity to make a donation as a part of Solidarity Week. For this purpose, the Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Home was selected.

Nadia St. Ange- Manager of the Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Home, expressed a vote of thankfulness on behalf of the Staff of the Home for being considered for the Donation.

Francilla Mathurin- Social Worker, encouraged the work of CSA as she highlighted that this generous financial Donation in the celebration of Solidarity Day would go a long way in helping the residents and the operations of the home.

The Caribbean Public Services Association, of which CSA is in a league, has decided to observe October 4 as Solidarity Day, the Caribbean Public Service.

It is an essential reminder of the vitally important role of public officers all over the Caribbean region in our resilience and development.

About the Civil Service Association (CSA):

The Saint Lucia Civil Service Association was established in the late 1940s by a group of public officers who realized the demand for a structured and organized approach to the problems confronting public officers.

For some time, CSA worked as an informal grouping; however, it was registered as a trade union on May 16, 1951.

Mr D.F. Mayers was appointed as its first president, who served as an ex-employee of the treasury department.

Initially, the members of civil services were given the membership of the union; however, later on, it was extended to broader public services, including Statutory Authorities. Unlike other unions, the CSA provides various benefits to its members, independent of what is come to terms with the employees.