Cricket to resume in Guyana

Cricket to resume in Guyana
Cricket to resume in Guyana

Health Minister of Guyana, Dr Frank Anthony, said that limited provisions were given to the cricket authorities for the resumption of cricket matches in Guyana.

However, no spectators would be allowed in the matches.

The Guyana Cricket Board announced that regular activities would resume by Saturday, with a national over-40s competition, after cessation of cricket because of the COVID-19 virus.

In addition to no spectators, the Minister said that the bars at the event would be closed.

He also said that in case the provisions are breached, the event would be shut down immediately.

He said that the Government is very serious about the events as they can spread COVID-19 at a large scale if they not appropriately managed.

Minister of Sports, Charles Ramson Jr, said that he welcomes the resumption of cricket and is looking forward to more sports restarting in Guyana under safety protocols.