COVID-19 vaccination to be mandatory in Trinidad and Tobago

At the point of time when COVID-19 has been posing a serious threat to Trinidad and Tobago. PM Keith Rowley has been highlighted that there has been a possibility in future under which the vaccination would become mandatory for all citizens of the country to fight against the COVID-19 virus.

Rowley said on a television program here hosted by a former government minister Dr Bhoe Tewarie said that they had an international conversation which has been like a local conversation. What the Government had done has to respect that right to choose what they did with their body. That has been reasonable, under the circumstances.


Rowley told television viewers that if the voluntary situation gives Trinidad and Tobago the result that it can live with, then they would live with being voluntary.

PM Rowley said that some countries had already gone beyond that. He thought that in France, it had been to the court, and the Government had taken a position. Still, even voluntary international travel might put some pressure on people to get vaccinated if they want to travel.

Port of Spain:  Ministry of Health of Trinidad and Tobago released their COVID-19 update through a media release. This media release shows the clinical updation till 4 pm on July 16 2021.

Till present total of 2,47,923 tests have been conducted in Trinidad and Tobago at both public and private facilities. In these total tests, 35,428 confirmed cases till present, out of which 28,706 have been fortunately recovered.

The total number of positive patients in Trinidad and Tobago had reached 5,753 in this 190 are new cases that had been reported recently in the last 24 hrs.

The hospitals have been occupied by 318 patients at present in T&T. 969 patients have also died due to the COVID-19 virus in the country.

Till 4 pm 2,29,203 patients have been given the first dose of COVID-19 vaccines out of these vaccinated persons 91,844 got AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine, 1,37,159 got Sinopharm vaccine and 200 doses of Pfizer. Thus,1,46,721 out of the total population got fully vaccinated.