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COVID-19: TT records 505 new cases and 6 deaths in 24 hours

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Trinidad and Tobago: The Ministry of Health (MoH) data, the nation has reported 505 new COVID-19 cases, taking the tally to 115,270.

The active cases in the country are around 20,396.

The samples were collected between the period of February 1 to February 5, 2022. So far, the total tested people tested are 587,130 (265,203 at the private facilities and 321,927 at the public facilities).

According to the statics by the health ministry, as many as 3,460 people have died in the nation, with six deaths in the last 24 hours. Five of the six had multiple comorbidities, and one had no medical history. Of the Covid-19 related deaths, since May 24, 2827 were not fully vaccinated, and 216 were fully vaccinated.

Since the pandemic has begun, 91 414 people have been recovered from the virus; of these, 40 were discharged from the public health facilities, and 346 were recovered community cases.

As many as 370 patients have been admitted into the hospitals, 101 are in transition facilities, and more than 19,400 patients are in the home isolation.

Around 53,766 people are under the single-dose regimen, and 683 243 have taken the first Covid-19 vaccine of the two-dose regimen. According to the government data, 641 144 have been administrated with a double dose, and 694,910 have completed their vaccination regimen.

As many as 115,561 people have taken the booster dose.