“Country needs more people praising and acknowledging God,” PM Harris

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St Kitts and Nevis: While declaring that the country needs more people to praise and acknowledge God, Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris praised by Touched by His Wounded Hands Ministry International for presenting and setting up its house of worship in the Shadwell area of ​​Basseterre.

“We need more people to praise God and acknowledge God,” Prime Minister Harris told his host, Apostle Bernard Huggins, during a morning service at the church in Pines Garden, Shadwell, on Sunday.

Prime Minister Harris accompanied the extended family of the late prison officer Margaret Lucinda Lewis who thanked for the support they received during the time of mourning from the church after losing their mother and matriarch, and the funeral on Monday 10 May .

“I like the name of the church – the wounded hands that touch ours,” Prime Minister Harris said. “It is a powerful message of God’s surviving power and love; it is also reminiscent of the crucifixion and the resurrection thereafter. It is therefore a powerful message for those who believe in God. ”

Acting Fire Chief, Garfield Hodge, also attended what a daughter of the late Margaret Lucinda Lewis, who was the organizer of the Thanksgiving event, supported firefighter Marsha Lewis.

Other attendees included the Deputy Speaker Senator, Rev. Dr. Bernicia Nisbett, Ambassador, President, Michael Powell, the National HIV / Aids Program Coordinator and Health Educator, dr. Matthias Afortu-Ofre, the national executive of the People’s Party (PLP), including women’s representatives. Sonia Henry and me. Petrona. Thomas, youth representative Mr Jeremiah Locker, and assistant national treasurer Mrs Patrice Ofre, and members of the PLP constituency number seven women empowerment group.

“Thank you so much for being a church that worships,” Prime Minister Harris said. ‘At the funeral (of Margaret Lucinda Lewis) I saw how well you worship here. You have some of the best singers in the churches, so on National Day of Worship we need to have your choir with us. I want to praise them all and praise the spirit of service to God that sows this church. ”

Apostle Bernard Huggins prayed for the nation and prayed individually for Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris, ambassador, his lord Michael Powell, and deputy speaker senator, honor. Dr. Bernicia Nisbett.

“I want to thank those in the church, and those outside the church who regularly hold me in prayer,” Dr. Harris said. “So, when there are hard times, I can still focus on doing the work of the people and doing the best that God enables me to do such a time. Thank you so much; keep praying for our leaders, keep praying for your church leaders, keep praying that our country will find favor.”

On behalf of the Lewis family, Marsha Lewis premier dr. Hon. Timothy Harris thanked for the personal support he provided by standing with the family and attending the funeral service at Immanuel Methodist Church, Crab Hill, in Sandy Point, the funeral. on Monday 10 May at Church Cemetery, Downing Street, and the Thanksgiving service at Touched at His Wounded Hands Ministry International, Pines Garden, on Sunday 16 May.

Ms Lewis, supported by their eldest brother, Mr Calvin Lewis, said her late mother was a member of the Touched at His Wounded Hands Ministry Church, and thanked Apostle Bernard and Prophet Michelle Huggins for their support. She also has Mrs. Patrice Ofre and her husband, dr. Matthias Afortu-Ofre, thank you for their support.

The prophetess Michelle Huggins led the congregation to pray for the extended family of the late Margaret Lucinda Lewis, and offered travel grace to most family members living abroad and who had come home for the funeral, back to their homes.