Lateefa George, the patient of Clarevue Mental Hospital suddenly died. Picture Credits: Google Images

Controversy brews due to death in Antigua and Barbuda’s mental Hospital

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The officials of Antigua and Barbuda reported the sudden death of a patient at the Clarevue Mental Hospital.

The deceased was identified as 29-year-old Lateefa George. The government has launched an investigation into the matter following the meeting of the Cabinet.

Ambassador Lionel Hurst, the Chief of Staff, stated to media that the Minister of Health has reported that they are conducting an investigation into the sudden demise of 29-year-old Lateefa George at the Clarevue Mental Hospital.

Lateefa George’s parents met with the Minister of Health and he visited their home to express his grief over the sudden demise of the young girl. He gave the assurance that a proper investigation would be carried out on the matter to find out the truth behind the matter.

The young woman’s parents expressed their appreciation for the Minister’s visit.

As per the reports, Lateefa George passed away between October 30 and 31. Also, she had been in the hospital for almost two months.

Lateefa George’s mother, Norma, told Antigua Observer that her daughter had been struggling with bipolar disorder and depression since she was 19 and was taken to the facility after her constant complaints of being mentally unwell.

George’s mother is waiting for a post-mortem report to know the real reason behind her daughter’s sudden death.

Moreover, Antigua and Barbuda has only one mental health care facility in the form of Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital.

Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital was built in 1929 and the hospital has the capacity to serve 130 patients at any given time.

The investigation is still ongoing and the officials of Antigua and Barbuda are looking into the matter and have promised that they will definitely find out the reason behind the mysterious death of Lateefa George.

Furthermore, several cases of sudden deaths in the hospital came into the limelight; in one of them, a two-year-old male patient died at Sir Lester Bird Mount St. John’s Medical Centre.

The medical centre responded to this matter by saying that all the questions of being asked by family members will be answered and they also made the assurance that appropriate action will be taken to find out the truth behind the mysterious death of a two-year-old child.