Commonwealth Secretary-General says 42 nations are on verge to disapper amid climate change

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World: The Commonwealth Secretary-General – Baroness Patricia Scotland has warned that around 42 nations across the globe are on the verge to disappear within the upcoming  years if no action is taken to against climate change.

The Secretary-General has also asked the world leaders to take adequate actions so as to curb climate change in her Wednesday’s Interview, notably keeping in mind the upcoming Glasgow climate change conference which will begin from October 31 2021.

She further stated that some Pacific islands that come under the Commonwealth, such as – Tuvalu, Nauru and others, are in danger.

She noted that “Tuvalu and Nauru were looking for new places to go because the sea level rises are so dangerous now.”

Speaking about her native country, the Secretary-General further asserted, “Dominica usually looks like a Garden of Eden, but after 2017’s Hurricane Maria “, even the bark of trees had been stripped, there was not one green leaf left. It was like Armageddon.”

She further added that insisted humanity had no choice but to act, noting that impoverished nations exposed to climate change also need extensive debt and vaccine relief.

“We all are in same storm, but we are definitely not all in the same boat,” she noted.

The upcoming United Nations climate conference will be held in the Scottish city of Glasgow from October 31 to November 12. This conference is aimed to secure a global deal on decarbonising world economies and charting the path away of humanity from catastrophic global warming.

The Commonwealth secretary-general is the head of the Commonwealth Secretariat, which is the central body that has served the Commonwealth of Nations since its establishment in 1965 and is responsible for representing the Commonwealth publicly. The Commonwealth brings together 54 nations and 2.6 billion people, and the baroness is its first female leader.

The position was created, along with the Secretariat itself, after the 14 th Commonwealth Prime Ministers Conference in London in 1965, issued a memorandum describing the role of the Secretary-General.


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