Citizens Are Tired of Dis-Unity’s Political Gimmicks: SKN Labour Party

St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party stated, the turnout to Dis-Unity's vaccination information session was abysmal, with only a handful of Constituency #6 villagers, none of which volunteered to be vaccinated.

Citizens Are Tired of Dis-Unity's Political Gimmicks: SKN Labour Party
Citizens Are Tired of Dis-Unity's Political Gimmicks: SKN Labour Party

St Kitts and Nevis: St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party stated, the turnout to Dis-Unity’s vaccination information session was abysmal, with only a handful of Constituency #6 villagers, none of which volunteered to be vaccinated.

Furthermore, SKN Labour Party added, Organizers of the latest coronavirus Vaccination Clinic and Information Session at the St Paul’s Community Center on the evening of Thursday 11th left the Village pondering why there were such a low turnout and no participation.


SKN Labour Party gave reasons as follows:

1. The Harris Administration is putting its party politics at the center of its Vaccination RollOut program, just as it did in the management of the Covid-19 pandemic at its onset a year ago. It declared a State of Emergency with curfews to politically restrict the Opposition, which was seriously disadvantaged in the height of a General Election. At the same time, the ruling Parties were allowed to campaign openly with an advantage.

It has excluded the Opposition, the MP, and even Physicians and Public Health Practitioners who are not part of the ruling elite political class.

2. There are at least seven (7) trained medical Practitioners from Constituency #6 living in the Constituency, most of whom are working in the Public Health Service. Yet only one (1), Dr. Bernicia Nisbett, was asked to participate in the exercise. 

And this is because she’s being promoted, advertised, and used by Dr. Harris to oust Ninky Williams as the PLP Candidate in the next General Election or By-Election if Dr. Douglas quits the Parliamentary seat before. Neither Dr. Douglas, the sitting MP who’s a Senior Physician nor any of the others were asked to participate.

Of course, Dr. Wilkinson, our General Surgeon, was a “tagalong,” displacing our CMO and our Internist Specialist. Simultaneously, Delores Harris, the PS of Health, was another poor “tagalong” for either the CMO or Sister Warner, the Public Health Nurse in charge of the St Pauls Health Center. She was not mentioned as the present and most likely not invited.

3. The people are convinced that this was a political Town Hall meeting like all the others held before (and advertised to come later), at the same Community Center built under the Douglas Administration but which the Harris administration has prevented the MP from using for Town Hall meetings with constituents.

Look at the promo Ads for the other Constituencies …..all Town Hall meetings promoting the UNITY construct, the PAM or PLP specifically, shamelessly and blatantly the MPs/Unity Candidates of the last Election. Even the Minister of Health is advertised as “Akilah is doing for you.”

4. The Administration has not come to terms with the NAKED and COLD TRUTH that even though the Covid-19 Vaccines save lives and decrease the severity of illness from Covid-19, the side effects are real; some people CAN be severe and even life-threatening in others.

 And even while this statement is being prepared, all international media are carrying releases that several countries have suspended the Oxford Astra-Zeneca Vaccine over concerns about blood clots in vaccinated persons in their populations temporarily.

5. The Administration is not honest with the people, who must be adequately informed and educated in a coordinated drive to calm their fears and especially counter the enormous misinformation and disinformation online daily. 

Hence there’s a need for a professional, unbiased, non-political, non-partisan, and genuinely all-society approach involving all stakeholders in our country.

6. The PEP/STEP workers and the Pay for Peace (PFP) members stayed away from the Session despite threats made by the Office of the Prime Minister to withhold their pay unless/until they are vaccinated.

They are all aware that these threats are wrong, just like those of other Employers, and they must never be afraid to exercise their right to choose. No politics of fear can force people, irrespective of their status in life, to take vaccines. 

The choice must remain with the people. The people of St Paul’s and Constituency #6 must maintain their womanhood and manhood at all costs.

Finally, we together can achieve the vaccination goals quickly. Let’s take the theatrics out of the program. Even the school children and their parents and guardians earlier in the St Paul’s Primary School resented being used as “mere actors” on video and television screens. 

They do not want to be a part of any parading for picture galleries. They want a better life. The working adults wish to replace those lost from Covid-19, and if not jobs, at least the wage/salary sustenances promised.

The self-employed and business owners want the stimulus packages promised, no matter how small, to help their workers meet their mounting daily demands of food, rent, utilities, and internet services so that their children’s education and livelihoods will not be of a loss generation.

SKN Labour Party are professionally trained and capable stakeholders of St Paul’s and Constituency #6, will create the opportunity to speak to our people ourselves and with others and be part of the movement to reach our country’s targeted vaccination goals.

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