CIMH predicts severe hurricanes, extreme rainfall & tropical cyclones for Caribbean nations

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The Caribbean Institute for Meteorological and Hydrology (CIMH) predicted hotter and drier weather, extreme rainfall, more severe hurricanes and tropical cyclones for the Caribbean nations in 2024. 

The reports are being made by Dr Cedric Van Meereeck during the Regional Workshop on National Frameworks for Climate Service held at Accra Beach Hotel. 

He stated that, according to his research, he observed extreme patterns, which are revitalizing due to an EI Nino event in the Pacific, warm Atlantic Ocean temperatures, and Saharan dust plumes. 

“Just as we had extreme heat last year, it is likely to be a hot year once again. Who is running it? The heat comes from the oceans. The North Atlantic is recording hot right now and has been so since last summer, and is expected to remain so in the coming months. So, we are set to see more heatwaves. We’re set to see the return of this hot, sticky weather a little earlier than usual, and, in essence, it’s very similar to last year”, added Dr Meereeck. 

As per Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) reports, they have been said that April will be a transition month into the heat season. Considerably, the temperatures are expected to be uncomfortable during the day and night. 

Noting this, there will be some risk of heat-related illness, due to which Dr Meereeck advised public to take all precautionary measures in such conditions. 

Furthermore, the caregivers are urged to keep the children inside their homes, especially during peak hours. 

“Please make sure that they do not play in the hot sun, midday sun outdoors or any other sports activity as much as possible or shift it to the earlier morning or early evening hours”, he remarked.

He also warned citizens regarding the return of La Nina with warm Atlantic Ocean temperatures. Under such conditions, there are high risk of potential flooding and intensify the hurricane season. 

2024 seems to be the fourth most year with an active hurricane season. As per predictions, this year might see similar weather conditions corresponding to previous year or may be little bit worse. 

There is a high probability that the ongoing year will experience hot weather, with chances of heavy and intense hurricane season. Therefore, he asked the public to be prepared for forthcoming challenges. 

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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