Chaguanas man charged with Robbery with Violence, Highway patrol unit executes inquiries

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: A 20-year-old man from Chaguanas was arrested and charged with the Robbery with Violence by the officers of the highway patrol unit. Besides this, two more civilians who visited the mini-mart for shopping were injured during the robbery of the place.

As per police report, the robbery was executed in a mini-mart, which was located on La Clave Street, Edinburgh 500 at Chaguanas. The cashiers filed a case that they were conducting a sale, when they were approached by two men.

The reports further stated that one of the two males, was armed with a firearm. They executed a robbery and allegedly took quantity of cigarettes, alcohol and cash earned after the whole day’s sales, in return of relieving the cashiers on duty.

It has been also reported that the two men were shopping the items when the incident occurred. One of them was said to received several blows about his head with the suspect’s firearm and the another was relieved in return of a cell phone.

The suspects immediately escaped the place and headed towards the southern direction, along La Clave Street in Chaguanas.

A report was filed against the accused and the Highway Patrol units responded to the matter. They managed to followed the suspects and as a result, both of them were arrested at a short distance.

They were taken to the police division and currently assisting the officers as the investigation of the matter is ongoing. The efforts of the officers of Trinidad and Tobago Police Services (TTPS) underscores their commitment and dedication towards the well-being of the people.

“That is great news the TTPS is working for these citizens of ours country”, quoted one, while commenting on the Facebook.

“Quick Response, great job. The guy that was beaten should return some blows on him under supervision… What alluyuh think abt that??? With gun they bad like crab take away the gun now n see… if some bandit did that to his dad u think he would like that??? This nonsense had to stop” wrote another FB user.

Additionally, several anti-crime exercises are conducted in the country to combat the problem of crimes. Many suspects were arrested in connection to firearms, ammunition, robbery and narcotics. Such efforts of the police department showcased their unwavering commitment regarding the citizen’s security.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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