Celebrating 111 years: Saint Lucia honours centenarian Octavie Augustine

Celebrating 111 years: Saint Lucia honours centenarian Octavie Augustine

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Saint Lucia Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment expressed best wishes towards another centenarian of the nation – Octavie Augustine, on the completion of 111 years of life. The Ministry highlighted that a remarkable soul achieved a milestone that echoes through the ages.

According to the official update, Augustine touched this milestone earlier this week, on August 16, 2023 (Wednesday).

As per the Ministry of Equity, Octavie Augustine is a living testament to the beauty of longevity and has graced the world with 111 years of wisdom, love, and resilience.

While highlighting the beautiful and wonderful life, it stated that as one of the nation’s cherished treasures, her journey is woven into the vibrant tapestry of Saint Lucia‘s history. This momentous occasion is a celebration not just of years lived but of the enduring spirit that has guided Mrs Augustine’s path.

“Her life has been a testament to the power of community, family, and the unwavering strength that comes from the embrace of loved ones,” it stated through social media.

The Ministry additionally expressed that as the Elder Care Unit of the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment, along with an outpouring of well-wishes from family, friends, and the entire Government and People of Saint Lucia join hands in congratulations, the echoes of gratitude resound far and wide.

The Ministry mentioned that in an ever-changing world, Octavie Augustine stands as a beacon of inspiration, a living bridge between generations, and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

“Happy 111th Birthday to this cherished gem of Saint Lucia,” it wished while congratulating the citizen of the island country.