CDB approves loan to Guyana for improving water supply

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Caribbean: The Caribbean Development Bank approved the loan to Guyana to undergo major water supply upgrades in five coastal communities in Guyana.

The loan of a significant amount of USD 76.2 million has been approved by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). The loan has been approved with the aim of infrastructural development in the region associated with various constructions.

These constructions involve five water treatment plants, storage tanks and the installation of transmission mains and water meters. Such developmental constructions are to be taken forward with the objective of improving the quality and reliability of the water supply to Bush Lot, Tain to No. 50 village, Walton Hall to Charity, Wakenaam and Leguan Island. 

Significantly, all these developments will benefit about 15000 households in the five communities of Guyana.

Looking back to the access to water in the communities, the water is supplied through the wells in the region, which have no water treatment facilities. The supply sometimes gets disrupted due to pump failures, line breakages and many more.

The Guyana Water Supply Improvement Project is part of CDB’s Guyana Country Engagement Strategy (2023-2025). The project is introduced with the set objective of providing support to the efforts of the country to provide access to an increased percentage of people in the region, having access to treated water. This has also been projected to 90% by 2025.

In recent times, only 53% of the supply meets the standards of WHO (World Health Organization). And, this is because of the iron content present in the water. However, at present, 96% of the populace has access to potable water, which alarms the need to improve water supplies.

Considerably, the Guyana Water Supply Improvement project will have its commencement in the coming year in March 2024, and will be completely implemented over three years. 

Such an action taken will also lead towards the holistic development of the country.

George Henry
George Henry
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