Carnival Venezia docks at Grenada with over 4100 passengers

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Grenada: Carnival Venezia made its inaugural call to the shores of the spice island nation with over 4100 passengers and 1400 crew members. It is to the noted that the call of cruise ships plays a significant role in strengthening ties and enhancing relationships with the cruise industry. 

The first call of Carnival Venezia cruise ship on the island nation was attended by various people which includes, Minister for Tourism, Creative Industry and Culture, Adrian Thomas, Board Chairman, Randall Dolland, Marketing and Sales Manager, Nikoyan Roberts and PA Petra Roach, CEO and Erica Davis.

The Ministry of Tourism of Grenada shared its vision of displaying and promoting the unique offerings of the island nation and positioned the country as an attractive destination for all its visitors.

Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Picture Credits: FB accounts

The tourism ministry also added that it is a great opportunity for the country to form new connections with the arrival of such cruise ships. As it plays a huge role in enhancing the tourism sector of the island which will further foster economic conditions and generate revenue for the country.

Along with that, passengers were offered various facilities filled with memorable experiences which made their travel safe and comfortable. The good experience provided to the passengers serves numerous benefits as it enhances the reputation of the country among the other willing visitors via word of mouth which will eventually boost the tourism of the nation.

Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Picture Credits: Fb accounts

It is a huge platform for the island nation to promote its vibrant culture and traditions of the country which will attract international visitors and global admirers. It will also embrace the local culture and traditions which will offer an authentic and best experience to all its visitors.

The arrival of the Carnival Venezia cruise ship is also likely to open many doors of job opportunities for the residents and will create a surge in several services including tours, shops, restaurants and many other amenities.

Various residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed their excitement about the arrival of a cruise ship.

One person commented the following “It is really a great platform for the growth and development of the country.”

Another person wrote, “Wow, how beautiful the cruise is, hoping to travel on it once in life.”

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