Kendell Vincent opens calls for Caribbean Youth Summit 2023. Picture Credits: Google Images

Caribbean Youth Summit 2023 to foster youth resilience

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The Caribbean Youth Summit 2023 was commenced on Wednesday, 22nd November 2023, by Caribbean Regional Youth Council member, Kendell Vincent at the AC Hotel Marriot, Kingston, Jamaica.

This Caribbean Youth Summit will continue for four days. The theme under which activities will be held in this summit is Securing our Future: Youth Co-creating a peaceful and sustainable Caribbean community.

The opening ceremony of this Caribbean Youth Summit was attended by:

– The Programme Manager of Youth Development, CARICOM Secretariat: Ms. Michele Small-Bartley

– The Programme Manager of Crime and Security, CARICOM Secretariat: Mr. Sherwin Toyne-Stephenson

– Ms. Alison Drayton, the Assistant Secretary-General of Human and Social Development.

The CRYC Chair stated that this summit is a force of change fuelled by youth’s ideas, passions and commitment.

Kendell Vincent requested the citizens to make the best use of this platform to impact and promote youth development in the Caribbean.

While addressing and welcoming everyone, the chairperson said he is thrilled to be a part of this dynamic assembly of visionaries, advocates and change-makers for a better tomorrow.

He added that this summit is a meeting and a celebration of innovation, unity and potential.

This celebration will be done with the collaborations, discussions and actions that will continue for the next four days.

Notably, the theme under which the Caribbean Youth Summit is being celebrated is not just a set of words but a mighty cry and an alarmed call to everyone to be the architect of change in their respective region.

CRYC Chair also mentioned that the motive of this summit is to empower the youth with the tools and ideas that can be used to address the challenges such as health and mental issues, gender-based violence and sexual health issues faced by the youth of the Federation.

Kendell Vincent also emphasized the sub-theme of the summit.

He stated that ‘Secure H.E.R’ means the need for Caribbean women to be empowered, restored and economically independent.

‘Secure H.I.S’ stands out for a positive change in masculinity, where the men are asked to contribute peace to the world through their actions.

‘Secure T.H.E.M’ highlights the need to focus on health, environment, motivation and technology.

Moreover, Caribbean Youth Summit 2023 focuses on creating a safe and protective environment for the youth of the Caribbean nation.