Caribbean citizens bid adieu to LIAT 1974, fondly recall their journeys

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Antigua and Barbuda:  LIAT 1974 Ltd marked its last impression with a final departure from V.C International Airport yesterday, marking the end of an era in Caribbean aviation. However, a new chapter is set to begin with the introduction of LIAT 2020.

The emotions of people connected with the LIAT 1974 are so overwhelming that their expressions have surprised the nation. The connection people had with the airlines is wonderful. Also, it is a longstanding and cherished service in the Caribbean, and the operational cease has deeply affected the people.

Using Social Media platforms, the citizens are sharing their journey with LIAT 1974 and are wishing for a better comeback in the form of LIAT 2020

“LIAT airline you will be always missed, you served well, safety was always your priority,” quoted one of the citizens.

Nikki Diaz, from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines expressed her feelings so deep and mentioned, “ I actually got teary eyed today watching LIAT leave St Vincent, I remember my husband visiting St Vincent for the first time and when he saw the plane, he was so scared. We were connecting in Trinidad, he was pleasantly surprised at how smooth of a flight it was. We hope you come back better than ever.”

Such stories clearly reflect the bittersweet feelings among people, the sadness of bidding farewell to LIAT 1974 and the welcome wishes for LIAT 2020, which will commence its operations.

People have also taken the opportunity to express gratitude for the services provided by LIAT 1974 over the years, offering heartfelt thanks and expressing optimism for even better services from LIAT 2020.

 PM Gaston Browne has confirmed the replacement of LIAT 1974 with LIAT 2020; a better and stronger comeback is awaited by the population of the Caribbean region.

Significantly, the arrangements for strengthening the arrangements are ongoing among the authorities for the operation of LIAT 2020.

George Henry
George Henry
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