Caribbean Airlines: Flight disruptions and fee waivers due to weather conditions

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Caribbean Airlines shared the notice for the passengers travelling on the 13th and 14th of February to/from Jon F Kennedy International Airport as the flights will be affected due to disturbed weather conditions. The airlines alerted the visitors regarding the disruptions that can occur due to inclement weather conditions.

The airlines also provided information regarding the fee waiver for the customers travelling on the said days would be affected by the changes in flights

Customers whose plans have been affected by the weather conditions can rebook their flights without any change in fees. There are conditions which need to be fulfilled in order to reschedule their flights. The condition includes: 

  • Waiver of all fees for tickets rebooked in the same cabin.
  • All changes must be made through Caribbean Airlines Call Centres, or they can contact Caribbean Airlines Ticket Offices by 27th February 2024. 
  • Caribbean Airlines will not be responsible for transportation to/from an alternate airport or hotel/overnight expenses incurred by affected passengers. 

Notably, these waivers include travel to or from the specific routes only. The routes included: 

  • Jon F Kennedy International Airport to Kingston Norman Manley Airport.
  • Jon F Kennedy International Airport to Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Georgetown.
  • Jon F Kennedy International Airport to Piarco International Airport, Port of Spain.
  • Jon F Kennedy International Airport to Argyle International Airport, St Vincent.

Additionally, customers may also check the status of a flight by route or flight number by using the flight status tab on the Caribbean Airlines homepage on

Overall Caribbean Weather 

During this period, the people of the northern sphere may experience breezy conditions. A dry and stable airmass is supplying generally fair-weather conditions across the local region. 

Moreover, Saharan Dust may continue to affect the region; the Caribbean nations are facing serious problems due to this issue, and the people are being advised to take precautionary measures in order to protect themselves from the harsh conditions. Most importantly, people with respiratory sensitivities are advised to take this into consideration. 

The operators of small vessels are also advised to exercise caution on the northwest coastal sections. 

Some seas are forecasted to be smooth, and others on the south will remain moderate. Noting this, they will span between 2 to 3 feet. According to the reports, the seas will be moderate in the northwest coastal sections, ranging between 4 to 6 and could exceed 7 feet. 

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