Calendar of events unveiled for Mashramani 2024 in Guyana

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Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Guyana is all set to host Mashramani 2024. It is to be noted several activities will be conducted and took place from 16th February to 10th March 2024.

Mashramani is one of the biggest festivals of Guyana which is celebrated annually. This year, the festival is being celebrated under the theme “Celebrating our people and our prosperity.”

It is an annual festival that celebrates Guyana becoming a Republic in 1970. It is derived from an Amerindian language and in Guyanese English means “celebration after cooperative work”. It is one of the most colourful festivals which exhibits Guyana’s vibrant and rich cultural heritage.

Glimpse of Mashramani 2023, Guyana. Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Glimpse of Mashramani 2023, Guyana. Picture Credits: Fb accounts

It is to be noted, this festival is a moment to reflect, refresh and replenish the energies needed to sustain the increasingly dynamic Guyanese polity.

Moreover, Mashramani is celebrated on 23rd February every year. This day includes a parade, gamesand music which celebrates the “Birth of the Republic.”

The activities to be held during Mashramani 2024 include

15th February, Thursday and 16th February, Friday

  • Children’s Mashramani Competitions at the National Cultural Centre

16th February, Friday

  • Calypso Monarch Competition at Tabatinga Sports Complex, Lethem

17th February, Saturday

Mashramani 2023 Children's activity. Picture Credits: Fb accounts
Mashramani 2023 Children’s activity. Picture Credits: Fb accounts
  • Children’s Costume Parade at Georgetown
  • Sona Monarch Competition at Bus Park, Linden

18th February, Sunday

  • Dancehall Monarch at 1823 Monument Site, Kitty Seawall
  • Chutney Monarch at Anna Regina Car Park, Essequibo

22nd February, Thursday

  • Splashramani at National Stadium, Providence
  • Flag Raising Ceremony at Public Buildings, Stabroek

23rd February, Friday

  • Costume and Float Parade, Georgetown

25th February, Sunday

  • Panorama Competition at Marriott Hotel Beach, Kingston
  • Mash Horse Race at Rising Sun Turb Club, West Coast Berbice

29th February, Thursday

  • Literary Festival at Castellani House at the National Cultural Centre

3rd March, Sunday

  • Literary Festival at Castellani House at the National Cultural Centre

9th March, Saturday

  • Buxton/ Foulis Mash at Buxton

10th March, Sunday

  • Buxton/ Foulis Mash at Buxton

Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Director of National Events, Andrew Tyndall stated that the Ministry is working to make this year’s Mashramani festival, the biggest mash ever. He added that the citizens of Guyana are likely to experience a vibrant and creative costume band, a lively parade and high-quality performances by local artists of the nation.

The Ministry is also promoting the youngsters of the nation by creating a platform for the young blood to express their art and talents.

The addition of the new dancehall competition in the Mashramani 2024 lineup is also part of the ministry’s plan to evolve and enrich the festival, which is a unique and important Guyanese product.

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