Bahamas: No decision yet to extend the state of emergency

The Bahamas is not sure to extend the country's state of emergency till now. The next instructions will be given after meetings with the government officials and physicians

Bahamas releases new COVID-19 testing protocols for travelers to Bahamas
Bahamas releases new COVID-19 testing protocols for travelers to Bahamas

Bahamas: Dr Hubert Minnis, Prime Minister of Bahamas said that till now, the government has not taken any decision to further extend the country’s state of emergency beyond May 23rd 2021.

He said that he can not say anything at any point in time but will look forward to this matter. Firstly they have to look after all statistics reports of the death rate, infection rate and positivity rate in the country.

The primary priority is to ensure to come out of this time of emergence as fast as they can and further decisions that will be best for his country he will take after discussing with his ministers and health experts.

The administration of the PM has drafted that would provide power to the government to enforce COVID-19 related restrictions without declaring the state of emergency.

Till now, he is not firm with the decisions and will only make those decisions that will be beneficial for his country and people, said Dr Minnis.

Attorney General Carl Bethel confirmed that whether the new framework will be regulated, whether the state of emergency will be extended. There will be some legal framework to restrict physical contact until the country obtains good immunity.

Bethel said that they have their duty to do everything in their power to enable the Bahamian people to protect themselves.

They are well documented on record as saying that they had all those time to develop laws that would help them manage their people’s health and safety of the country, said Chester Cooper, the deputy leader of Progressive Liberal Party.

At this point, people should wear masks to protect their lives. This pandemic hindered the path of development of the country.