Bahamas discuss ways to deepen trade with Colombia in “Second Ministerial Summit”

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Nassau: The previous week, on January 28, 2022, Second CARICOM-Colombia Ministerial Summit took place, where the Bahamas and Colombia government officials underscored several mutual areas of interest and development. 

Senator Michael B. Halkitis, Minister for Economic Affairs, led The Bahamas’ delegation, which comprised of – Leslia Miller-Brice, High Commissioner to CARICOM-designate, and Antonio V. Butler Jr., Foreign Service Officer to the Second CARICOM-Colombia Ministerial Summit, which was held at the Puerta del Sol Convention Centre in Barranquilla, Colombia. 

Both of the countries also held a high-level dialogue on the ways to strengthen their bilateral ties, and numerous others such as – health strategies close to cancer and other non-communicable diseases, technical cooperation and capacity building, climate change, disaster risk management, economic (promotion and strengthening of small- and medium-sized enterprises ‘SMEs’), investment, and trade matters. 

Meanwhile, the Bahamas government, cited that the island’s government is looking forward to heightening its trade with the transcontinental country, which will pave the path of opportunities for both the countries not only in trade but also in numerous others sectors such as – agriculture. 

“The Bahamas is looking forward to deepening its trade, investment and tourism links in a context of post-pandemic reactivation and economic recovery. Through the improvement of its bilateral and multilateral approaches to agriculture (i.e., Agricultural insurance prospects for micro-production and niche value-added segments of the agriculture sector), food security, and cultivation, including the promotion of educational exchanges in agricultural technology development.”   

During this ministerial summit, which was held under the theme of – “We adapt and cooperate together for economic recovery, health, climate change and gender equity.” 

Senator B. HALKITIS, during his address at the summit, stated, “We adapt and cooperate together for economic recovery, health, climate change and gender equity. It is quite a great honour and privilege for me to be here today representing the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and to speak on the topic of ‘Renewing mutual interest in strengthening bilateral relations between CARICOM and Colombia”. 

This summit holds great significance as both of the countries will mark 45 years of diplomatic relationships. 

The senator furthermore underscored that the tourist’s rate from Colombia to the Caribbean island has also witnessed an increase in the past times, which is assisting it in reviving from the COVID-19 impacted economy. Besides this, during the ministerial summit, Colombia and the Bahamas adopted a Declaration of Barranquilla. 


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