Read Here: Initiatives taken by the Bahamas govt under “TOGETHER Against COVID-19”

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The administration of the Bahamas put in place several facilities, norms and measures to curb the spread of the deadliest coronavirus under its initiative titled “TOGETHER Against COVID-19”. The Bahamian government has been disseminating free medical grade KN95 masks to the general public, meanwhile encouraging them to strictly abide by the COVID health protocols and guidelines. 

Under its initiative, Prime Minister Philip Davis led the government is making available free COVID-19 testing for the citizens at the various healthcare facilities to expand the free testing drive. The previous week, the free testing drive was extended to the region of New Providence. The COVID-19 testing sites in the Eleuthera, Inagua, Bimini and the Berry Islands are also providing the facility of free COVID testing. 


The government has also limited the size of gatherings at public places in order to decrease the transmission of the contagious virus. 

In terms of the travel protocols, visitors would now be required to present a negative COVID19 test, which must not be taken more than 72 hours prior to their travel to the Bahamas. 

Below are the other measures initiated by the Bahamian government under ‘TOGETHER against COVID19’:

  • A new public education campaign has been started to answer the COVID-19 related queries about the new variants. 
  • Recruiting dozens of health professionals, including nurses and Doctors.
  • Improving the bed capacity in the hospitals by 100 through the transformation of School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions, Grosvenor Close into an infectious diseases ward. 
  • Acquiring the COVID-19 treatments. 
  • Sourcing pediatric vaccines. 

Apart from this, the government is expanding the reach of the COVID19 vaccines as well as the booster shots so as to achieve the target of vaccination. The Ministry of Health officials has been continuously encouraging the general public to take their doses of the WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccines as soon as possible. 

On Tuesday, the government also conducted an ‘Ask the Doctors’ meet to answer the questions of the people related to the COVID19 pandemic and vaccination. 


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