Cabinet Minister Obediah Wilchcombe. (Photo Credit: Google Images)

Bahamas: Cabinet Minister Obediah Wilchcombe passes away

The Bahamas is mourning the loss of Cabinet Minister Obediah Wilchcombe, who was 65 years old at the time of his passing. When the news of his death came out in public on Sunday (September 24, 2023), many citizens gathered at the Rand Memorial Hospital in Grand Bahama to pay their respects.

Cabinet Minister Obediah Wilchcombe served The Bahamas in the capacity of Minister of Social Services, Information and Broadcasting. He was also the Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly.

Upon his passing, the news was announced by the Office of the Prime Minister. The statement said, “Minister Wilchombe dedicated his life to public service and made significant contributions to the nation.”

Prime Minister Phillip Edward Davis also made his way to Grand Bahama to pay his respects and extend his condolences to the Wilchcombe family.

He also made a tweet which said the following, “We mourn the loss of Hon. Obediah Hercules Wilchcombe with profound sorrow. He was a distinguished servant to the Bahamian people and a dear friend.”

Tweet of Bahamas Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis on passing of Minister Obediah Wilchcombe.
Tweet of Bahamas Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis on the passing of Minister Obediah Wilchcombe.

“To honour his unparalleled service and enduring legacy, I order all national flags to be flown at half-staff. Let us remember his commitment, vision, and ‘One Love’ philosophy as we reflect on his impactful life. May he rest in peace.”

Dr Hurbert Minnis, the former Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for Killarney, also extended his condolences to the bereaved. In his words, Obediah Wilchcombe served The Bahamas with “unwavering dedication and passion”.

According to Minnis, the passing of Obediah Wilchcombe is a profound loss to the nation and his contributions for the betterment of the nation will be cherished and remembered for a long time to come.

By all accounts, Obediah Wilchcombe was a devoted and much-loved public servant who dedicated his life to improving the quality of life of his people. He achieved this first as the Minister of Broadcasting and Journalism. He then went on to become a Member of Parliament, taking up the role of Cabinet Minister. Through his tireless work and dedication, he left an unparalleled legacy during his life.

His most recent position in the government was that of the Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly. While serving in this capacity, he exhibited leadership of the highest order and a profound commitment to his people and their betterment.

Hence, it is easy to see why his death has had a major impact on the citizens of The Bahamas, who are grief-stricken by the news.