Antigua Island Girls make history with victory in World's Toughest Row

Antigua Island Girls make history with victory in World’s Toughest Row

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St John’s, Antigua and Barbuda: Antigua and Barbuda High Commission in London, United Kingdom, praised the Girls of Antigua and Barbuda for their remarkable accomplishments. The Antigua Island Girls carved their names in history after securing victory in ‘World’s Toughest Row’.

The High Commission of Antigua and Barbuda took its official social media and lauded the outstanding performance of the young girls. Through social media, it mentioned, “When determination and grit are all you have, you dig deep and persevere!”

Furthermore, it expressed, “Huge congratulations to Team Antigua Island Girls! Your remarkable accomplishments will forever be etched in history.”

It added that the team conquered the world’s toughest row with unmatched strength and tenacity. “We stand in awe of your incredible feat!” it noted.

Additionally, it stated that they saluted and lauded the participants for the skills they showed during the tournament.

“Saluting each member of Team Antigua Island Girls for showing us what true resilience looks like. Your journey has inspired countless souls, and your victory is a testament to the human spirit’s indomitable nature,” it noted through social media.

“Cheers to the power of unity, courage, and passion! Your triumph is a beacon of hope and motivation for all,” the High Commission to the United Kingdom mentioned.

It is worth noting that the residents and citizens of Antigua and Barbuda are motivated and encouraged to participate in the events and tournaments organised at the regional or international levels.

Earlier last week, the High Commission shared a glimpse of the Marylebone Cricket Club/MCC and praised the talented players of Antigua – Demetri, Ajahrie, and Essan for their outstanding performance in the sporting event.