Anguilla: 3 citizens attacked by ferocious animal, investigation continues

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Anguilla: Three citizens of Anguilla sustained severe injuries following their encounter with a ferocious animal on Tuesday, 7th May 2024. The Royal Anguilla Police Force promised to extend support to the affected individuals.

As per the details, the officers of the island nation received information about the ferocious animal in Island Harbour. Upon receiving the news, the authorities immediately responded to the matter by visiting the stated area. 

On reaching there, they discovered three people suffering from serious injuries that had been caused by the ferocious animal. The animal has not been identified yet, but the authorities have promised to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter in order to protect and prevent the other citizens of the nation from the harmful and disastrous effects of the animal. 

Following that, the Royal Anguilla Police Force has promised to provide medical aid to the injured individuals and offer them all the required support that they need during this time. Moreover, the authorities have promised to keep all the citizens informed and updated about the process of investigation. 

The authorities have also ensured that they are constantly making efforts to trap the animals, ensuring the safety and security of citizens of every nation.  

Several residents of the community took to their social media accounts, guessed the animal through their comments, and asked the authorities to specify the name of the animal. They also shared their views on the matter. 

One person commented, “If the “ferocious animal” is deemed to be a dog, please at least specify the breed and whether it is a purebred. The last thing the island needs is people poisoning innocent yard (mixed breed/island) dogs.”

Another person wrote, “This got to be a cheetah or a bear because why not state what type of ferocious animal it is.”

“Is this for real? I mean, how is it possible? I hope people are safe,” wrote another user. 

The residents of the community have requested the authorities to take stringent measures with a motive to prevent dangerous encounters of fierce and wild animals. 

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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